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Edunation enables you to experience high-quality education and fantastic living standards in the best country in the world, Finland in Northern Europe. We are an official channel to apply to universities in Finland.

Among our Finnish partner universities you will find the most suitable education path in the most efficient and attractive way. Finland is a leader in STEM fields, education and design, but the quality of education is consistently high no matter which field you choose. Take a look at our study programs to find the most best field for your.

Applying through us is easy and fast, and you will get an acceptance already within a month. We will be guiding you every step of the way from choosing the best possible university and study program to residence permit and accommodation matters.


Benefits of studying in Finland
In addition to the benefits above, all the programs offered through Edunation are in English. In fact, Finland has one of the highest level of English among European countries. Whichever field you come here to study, your English skills will be improved as well.

Not only will you have the opportunity to enjoy top-notch education, but also the beautiful and inspiring nature, and the innovative startup atmosphere which is the essence of Finnish culture. Many world-renowned companies such as Angry Birds and Nokia have started their story in Finland. Whether you want to find job or start your own business in Finland, we are here to assist you.





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Internship in Finland: Flexible, Independent, and Supportive

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February 14, 2018

Starting a new life in Helsinki

Meet Samah, a Saudi Arabian bachelor’s student at Helsinki School of Business. She has enjoyed her time in Finland tremendously, and is happy to share her story […]

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