Edunation has been a company specializing in education export since 2017.

We help international students outside of Finland to achieve their dreams by offering them the Finnish education system. The Finnish education system is the best in the world, and Edunation wants to help students to experience this incredible privilege!

Edunation works together with many different Finnish educational institutions. We collaborate with higher education institutions and those offering vocational education. We want to support the internationalization of Finland and do our part to minimize the labor shortage in the country that it has faced in the last few years.

Edunation has many ways to recruit international talents: We take full responsibility for the process, or the educational institution can participate as much as it wants. The goal is to have a smooth recruiting process that doesn’t increase the institution’s workload. We offer various sets of services. For example, we provide the Pathway to Finland program and group education programs.

Pathway to Finland program prepares international students for their studies in the country. Language and studying skills are the program’s focus. Global learners can do basic studies from the higher education institution they have chosen. If international students pass all their courses, they can continue to Finland’s higher education institution! It is easy for higher education institutions to recruit them based on their standards. Group education programs are groups of students that come to Finland for a specific education program.

Edunation recruits the students for these programs and the learning institution if they wish to participate in the process. We are active in developing and offering various educational packages. One of our most popular fields of study is health care. However, international learners can enlist in many fields of study, such as ICT, Tourism, Business, etc. International students can apply to different levels of education (higher or vocational), and those in higher education can enroll in either bachelor’s or master’s degree programs.

Edunation offers free-of-charge counseling sessions where students will get assistance to find the most appropriate field of study for them and their skill set. For a reasonable fee, we provide Finnish language courses with the help of our experienced language teachers. The educational institution decides the level of Finnish skills that they require from the students before their studies start.

Edunation offers Finnish and English language teaching. The language courses start before the students arrive in Finland so that the students can follow the teaching in Finnish. The educational institution doesn’t have to worry about starting its language training from zero.

As mentioned, Edunation is a company specializing in education export that wants to do its part in the internationalization of Finland. We want to be involved in making education Finland’s most significant export product, offering the world’s best education around the world, and at the same time, solving our country’s labor shortage.

It’s a fact that the population demographic of Finland has changed drastically. We have many elders, but there aren’t enough workers to care for everyone. Finland needs a workforce to secure the quality of care for those who need it, for example, in elderly homes.

The labor shortage is present in many different fields. It’s visible in technology, energy, and service, just to name a few. Companies don’t have enough resources to grow when they don’t have enough talented workers. Finland needs a talented workforce, so we can also support the country’s economy in the future. These are just a few reasons why Edunation does what it does.

We want to support the economy of Finland, and we are aware of the labor shortage that the country has faced in the last few years. In addition, we want to provide international students the possibility to experience the best education system in the world so that we can resolve the problems mentioned above.

There are many answers to this question. To start, Edunation is a fair, competent, and reliable partner! We want to ensure that the students arriving in Finland are qualified and motivated, and we are doing all we can to ensure that the students meet our criteria.

Our objective is to provide educational institutions the opportunity to be more international. We want to collaborate with them to create opportunities for global talent to get employed in Finland by providing them with the best education.

Furthermore, we also want to communicate and reach out to our partners regularly. We value feedback and will always do everything we can to improve based on helpful comments and suggestions.

If your institution would be interested in collaborating with our talented and reliable company, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and let’s chat! We can create Finland of talent only by working together!

Our office is in Vuorikatu 3, 33100 Tampere, Finland. You may reach us at +358 92 316 5310.