Edunation is a company founded in 2017 that specializes in education export.

The company’s mission is to provide international students with the best education in the world, make high-quality teaching the most significant export product of Finland, and resolve the labor shortage Finland has faced in the last few years.

Often, hiring international talent is troublesome. The lack of language skills and different work cultures are the biggest obstacles for international talents. But it shouldn’t be the case.

Employing international workers provide excellent benefits to employers!

Businesses can learn a lot from international talents and improve the working environment at their facilities. The workplace is made richer by the diversity of cultures.

However, it is good to acknowledge that these differences might create some misunderstandings here and there.

Edunation will do its best with its partners to ensure that the employees’ language skills are up-to-standard. In addition, we want to help international talents understand the Finnish work culture, so we avoid misunderstandings as much as possible.

One of the most common problems for the unemployability of international talents is the lack of Finnish language skills.

Edunation, with the help of its partners, does its best to ensure Finnish language skills, so our international talents will get the best chances to get employed. Our company offers Finnish language training for a reasonable fee to students before arriving in Finland.

In addition, educational institutions continue to teach Finnish to our students; some of the teachings are in Finnish.

There is also a course called Edunation Jobs that provides participants with information about the Finnish work culture.  It includes addressing the work environment and practicalities, the rights and obligations of the employer and employee.

Edunation wants to bring talent to Finland and ensure they get employed. By hiring international talents, the workplace can learn something new and get a great new hire to join their team.

The answer: every field! All job positions in Finland need international talent.

The country’s population has increased but don’t have enough workforce for Finland to keep the welfare state up and running.

In other words, Finland won’t stay a welfare state without foreign workers. For these reasons, international talents will be needed now and in the future.

However, the workforce needs an education, which Edunation will offer with our partners.

In particular, there need to be more people working in healthcare because it is one of the most critical fields.

The Confederation of Finnish industries estimates Finland would need around 200000 workers in the health care field during the next ten years.

There are only about 15000 graduates in a year. We need to come up with something else to resolve the labor shortage.

Edunation is a fair, competent, and reliable partner!

Our talented team will evaluate the students who apply to our education programs. They will go through an interview process for us to understand their professionalism and motivations to study in Finland.

We also support the employment of our students. For example, through our Edunation Jobs program, students send us their CVs, which will go through an evaluation process. We then send them to our partner employers, who will decide whether the person suits their needs.

Another way we support the employment of our students is through group education. We bring students to Finland as a group who will study in the same educational program. This way, our partner employers can employ our students as a group.

For example, if a company has different locations around Finland, we can employ a group of students in these several areas. This way, we can also help with the population distribution in Finland (most people live in the south).

Contact us!

If Edunation seems like a partner your company could work with, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our office is in Vuorikatu 3, 33100 Tampere, Finland. You may reach us at +358 92 316 5310.