Since 2017, Edunation has aspired to build an international talent pool while making education the most significant industry in Finland. With this in mind, we treat our global students genuinely. They are valuable, and our mission is to fulfill their dreams of studying and living in the happiest country in the world!

Edunation provides international students with high-quality customer service throughout the application process. We help them with the program requirements, documents, and everything related to applying to a Finnish university.

Furthermore, we assist global learners with their resident permit applications and all essential matters that arise when relocating to Finland.

Edunation for Finnish Learning Institutions

Edunation specializes in education export, and we want to do our part in the internalization of Finland. Our main goals are to:

  • Be involved in making education Finland’s most important export product
  • Offer the world’s best education to qualified international students
  • Solve Finland’s labor shortage

Additionally, we have various services to help global learners. Here are some of our exciting products:

Our Pathway to Finland program prepares international learners for studies in Finland. The program focuses on language and study skills.

After successfully passing the program, global students can continue their higher education at a learning institution in Finland!

Edunation gives free counseling sessions where candidates can access professional assistance from our highly trained team. This process results in finding the most appropriate field of study for international learners.

In addition, we set high standards in choosing global learners to provide our service. We screen each candidate from all over the world to ensure they are most qualified.

EN Finnish offers affordable Finnish language courses with the help of our highly skilled language teachers. Students from all over the world benefit from EN Finnish as it is online.

Furthermore, our experienced teachers use modern teaching methods to make learning fun and exciting. EN Finnish is specifically for students and workers, where they will learn industry-specific words.

Our Finland Arrival Package provides a convenient service to global learners. Upon arrival, we offer pickup from Helsinki airport, 24-hour business hour contact support for concerns and inquiries, arrival guidance, basic orientation, and more.

We will come up with more services that will surely help global students. As time advances and their needs evolve, we are prepared and are constantly ready to assist them in making their application smooth and hassle-free.

For questions, book a free counseling session now, and our professional team will assist you.