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direct application

This is when Edunation directly sends a student’s application to their chosen university. It means that we will take care of handling and organizing all the paperwork provided to us and send it straight to our partner universities, which will then be used to evaluate the student’s qualifications for admission.

This process can be beneficial for students because they can bypass the often lengthy and complex processes of applying to many universities. Additionally, by working with us, students will also receive guidance and overall support throughout the application process.


Pathway to Finland is the foundation program that is designed to help our students gain admission to undergraduate studies in Finland. Our study programs under this will help them prepare for higher education studies and reach the skill level needed for university admission in Finland. After completing the program, students will be eligible to progress to degree studies at one of our partner Finnish universities.

In collaboration with Edunation, LUT University offers a unique Pathway program for students who are interested in the Master’s Program in International Business and Entrepreneurship. The program will take place online, and you will become familiar with topics such as international business strategy, business growth and global marketing. 

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Finnish course

Our engaging and social Finnish courses are a great way for international students to learn about the Finnish culture and get a head start on learning the language. All study courses are delivered through our partner digital learning platform, where students will have full access to study materials and get to interact with their teachers and peers. Live classes happen weekly but are also recorded for everyone’s convenience.