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Best regards to my readers. My name is Thu Nguyen, you can call me Roxanne. I am currently a Vietnamese student currently studying in Finland. It has been three months since the day I set foot in this country of Finland. I am currently living and studying in Mikkeli, a small city located in the South of Savonia. Honestly, studying abroad in Finland has always been my life’s goal, and I’m here today to share with you my experiences, including stories about everyday life, learning, and culture from the perspective of an international student from Vietnam.

1. International and mutually supportive environment

Although Finland’s population is only about 5.5 million inhabitants, its educational system is encouraging, idealistic, and self-disciplined, which usually catches the eye of international students. The linguistic and cultural diversity in the school environment both made up the equal values in the Finnish lifestyle. In addition, Finnish schools in all levels have no standardized test in schools to rank and classify students. Every student has the right to go to school and the right to learn the way he or she wants. In other words, in Finland, cooperation in learning is always valued above the competition.

A very autumn day in Finland

2. Self-discipline comes first

Unlike the curriculum in Vietnam where students must follow a pattern that has been set to ensure the ethical and traditional values of Southeast Asians, universities in Finland set very little rules. And instead of imposing heavy penalties, what you’ll find in Finland are dialogues of feedback and improvement. Therefore, most students studying in Finland in particular and Finnish people, in general, have an independent, self-disciplined, and responsible lifestyle.

3. Good relationship between teachers and students

In Southeast Asia, you will rarely see teachers talking to students like friends, sharing everyday stories, or even sipping coffee and playing a game of chess. But in Finland, it’s a very common story. Students’ mental health and well-being are always top priorities. Professors, mentors, and school staff are always supportive of students even outside of school hours. They always find ways in communicating to encourage and boost students’ self-confidence and motivation.

Mikkeli in September

4. The trend of applying technology to education

In order to support the student learning process, Finnish education systems employ a wide range of up-to-date digital tools and solutions. The development of unique learning experiences through creative teaching and technology is a key aspect of Finland’s national curriculum. However, rather than overwhelming daily life, technology is utilized mindfully to improve the learning experience. For Finns, learning is a lifelong career. It’s not hard to come across a student nearly a decade older than you in college. Therefore, they always try to update new trends, invest in facilities, as well as provide the necessary and quick support to ensure the practicality of the learning process.

Museum in Mikkeli

Is studying in Finland worth it?

Up to now, I have never regretted choosing Finland as a place to study abroad. Besides the advanced and famous educational system, the human, cultural, and social factors make me fall in love mildly with this country. If you want to read more articles on these aspects, don’t hesitate to follow Edunation on the Website and other social media platforms, such as Facebook Page or Facebook Group

Table of Contents