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5 Fun Facts You Should Know About Finland

If you’re planning to study in Finland in the future, then these facts about Finland might be interesting for you.Here are 5 fun facts about Finland!

1. PhD Top Hat and Sword

When someone earns their PhD, they get a top hat and a sword. Now that’s a reason to get a doctoral degree! Doctoral Hat is “a symbol of liberty, scholarship and freedom of research” and the Sword is “a symbol for the scientist’s fight for what they have found to be good, right and true in research.

Sword in a field of grass

2. Santa Claus’ Post office has received 20 million letters

Since 1985, Santa Claus’ Post Office has received 20 million letters from 200 countries. The office is even a genuine part of the Finnish postal services, though it only receives letters addressed to Santa. The post office is about five miles north of the city of Rovaniemi, in Santa’s Village. Anyone can write a letter to him! This is definitely a must-do when you come to study in Finland.

3. There are over 3 million saunas in Finland

In Finland there are more saunas than cars. We have over 3 million saunas. This means that there are more than one sauna for every other Finnish citizen. Even one of the fast food chain’s restaurant located in Helsinki has one!You Can Visit a Burger King Branch and a Sauna at the Same Time in Finland. It contains a working Burger King-themed sauna – only steps away from the restaurant tables – that customers can hire out.

Barrel sauna by a lake in Finland

4. Finns consume the most coffee in the whole world

Finnish people drink more coffee per person than anyone else in the world. Average consumption is 12 kilos per capita per year. Even most of the labor unions require a coffee break.Finnish people drink more coffee per person than anyone else in the world. Coffee is drunk in the mornings, as well as in the afternoons with a sweet bun “pulla” – and everywhere in between, before, and after. We just love it!

Reindeer coffee mug in the snow

5. Midsummer “Juhannus” nightless night

On the 19th of June, begins the time period in which the Midsummer celebration can take place. Midsummer celebration, also known as St. John’s Feast Day or Juhannus in Finland is celebrated between June 19th and June 25th.

Midsummer (juhannus in Finnish) for Finns means celebration and the long, white night which is said to be the “nightless” one (yötön yö). In the Helsinki region the sun sets at about 22:50 and rises again already around 4:00 o’clock in the morning. In the Northern Finland the sun does not set at all!

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