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5 Great Things About Ireland

Edunation offers international students the chance to study at yet another great country in Europe: Ireland! Through our Parthway Diploma program, you have the opportunity to study at the University of Limerick, in Ireland.

We thought it would be nice to share some amazing things about Ireland! In this blog post, we well cover 5 awesome things that make Ireland such a great place. Are you ready to get inspired and choose Ireland as your next study destination?

Excellent Educational System

Just like Finland, Ireland has an educational system that belongs to the top of the list worldwide. The country has 34 higher education institutions that altogether offer a huge range of over 5000 programs. These degree programs are all internationally recognized and ensure you the chance to complete a qualification that is of the highest quality.

Library in Ireland
Ireland has great universities!

University of Limerick – which you now have the chance of attending – is ranked among thetop 10 universities in Ireland. It’s a great option for all of you who want to be immersed in an international environment with top-notch facilities. What makes Ireland even more attractive to international student, is the fact that their study degrees are reasonably priced when it comes to tuition fees. Ireland has also introduced a Graduate Visa Scheme, which allows students to stay in the country for one year after graduation to seek employment. That’s a big bonus!

Ireland: The Land of Beautiful Nature

Ireland has some of the best sceneries in the world. The whole country is surrounded by beautiful coastlines and filled with wonderful landscapes. The land is known as the Emerald Island precisely because of its lush greenery and steep hills and mountains. Ireland is also vastly occupied by castles due to the many historic events that took place in there. These castles add to the incredible atmosphere and scenery that is prominent in this mystical country.

Old castle on the cliffside in Ireland
Castles are a regular sight in Ireland.

One of the most beautiful places in Ireland is considered to beCliffs of Moher. These sea cliffs are located in the southwestern part of the country, in County Clare. Over 200m high, these majestic cliffs sit above the Atlantic Ocean and provide a breathtaking view. The cliffs are so famous, that they have been included in various films as well. One of them beingHarry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

one of the most beautiful places in Ireland is considered to be the cliffs of moher
Cliffs of Moher are an incredible sight!


Ireland is a great place in terms of proximity – both in and outside of the country. As a European country, Ireland is not far from other countries in Europe. This is ideal for most international students, as many wish to travel as much as they can while studying abroad. Obviously, the UK is the closest and easiest country to visit while studying in Ireland, but other places in southern and northern Europe are also widely accessible. Traveling to other fascinating destinations is possible, even on a smaller budget!

Ireland is great for having road trips
Ireland is great for having road trips!

When it comes to Ireland itself, the country is quite small. You can drive from one end of the country to the other in about 4 hours. The country has an excellent network of roads for this purpose. This makes for a positive factor from an international student’s view of point. None of the big cities or places to visit are ever too far away! During your studies in Ireland, it is possible to explore the entire country and spectacular sights due to close proximities. How amazing is that?

Mythical Culture of Ireland

Ireland boasts a magical culture. Their culture holds history in high regard and thanks to the many castles, monasteries and fortresses, you are able to see evidence of the past times with your own eyes.

Even regular roads look magical in Ireland!
Even regular roads look magical in Ireland!

Mythology and folklore are both a big part of Irish history and culture. Widely known characters, such as Leprechauns and Faeries, all originate from Ireland. In terms of Irish folklore, it can refer to music, dance, folktales and so forth. Irish people love sharing stories when gathering together and playing music, which is in their blood. This makes for a great aspect of a potential study abroad country.

St. Patrick's Day is a famous Irish festival
St. Patrick’s Day is a famous Irish festival

Such rich culture also produces many holidays and festivals, like St. Patrick’s Day. What could be better than to experience the famous festival in the country where it all started?

The Irish themselves

Irish people are known to be extremely kind and warm. They love to joke around and don’t take themselves too seriously. For an international student who is new to the country, it’s nice when the locals are approachable and up for a chat wherever you might be.

Irish people are very approachable
Locals in Ireland are very approachable and you are sure to meet new people!

As mentioned earlier, sharing stories is a big part of Irish culture. This means that when meeting new people in Ireland, you can expect to hear lots of stories from them! It also gives you a chance to tell other people about yourself and your story, which is something that most international students like to do. Such a great bonding experience and helps to create meaningful relationships!

Pubs are one place where you might get to hear stories from locals
Pubs are one place where you might get to hear stories from locals.

Irish people are also some of the most welcoming people on earth, so prepare to feel at right at home! Making new friends when studying abroad is one of the main things people look forward to. Ireland is the perfect place for that!

Ireland is a great choice for anyone!
Ireland is a great choice for anyone!

If this got you excited about studying abroad, we warmly recommend you to book a FREE counselling session with us! There you get personalized help and assistance for any questions you may have about studying in Europe. You can book a session righthere.Make sure to also check our other posts on our blog!

Table of Contents