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5 Positive Outcomes of Online Studying

The current situation has forced us to change our working methods. Many of us may struggle to get a grip of ourselves but there are several positive outcomes of online studying. The most important thing is to remember that there are as many ways of learning as there are us, and it’s all about finding out what works for you.

1. Builds self-discipline

Online studying require a lot of independent work and self-discipline because you are in charge of your own productivity. Many of us may struggle to get a grip of ourselves but practice makes perfect.

There are several tips on building your self-discipline such as setting short and long term goals. It is easier and much more effective to first concentrate on short term goals because they are more achievable. But it is also good to have bigger goals, reminding you of your ultimate achievement.

2. Enhances organization skills

Online learning also tests your organization skills. Some of us are used to making notes, planning ahead or making to do -lists. But for some people it can be challenging to plan a week or even the next few days ahead.

Organizing is still a necessary skill in order to succeed with your tasks, and it can be practiced over time. Especially, if you have a lot on your plate, organizing is essential. It is also a very good advantage in the future working life.

3. Finding effective working methods

A big part of online studying is to learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Some people need more visual and audiovisual learning, and some like to go through written materials at their own pace.

You can think about whether you like to write everything on your computer, make notes by hand or perhaps do a voice over of your materials to listen to. Finding out the right working methods increases your efficiency level towards the future.

4. More free time in your hands

A great outcome of online studying is having more free time. You have more flexibility and get to schedule your days ahead and if you decide to work effectively during the early hours, you have more time in your hands for the rest of the day. Online studying can enable you to for example explore the city, spend more time with your friends or perhaps start a new hobby.

Technology students

5. Gaining experience on technology

Online studying doesn’t only give you information about the materials being studied, but also gives additional knowledge and kills about the use of different technologies. Many large companies are using online learning methods in a daily basis. In the working life it is an advantage to have great IT skills. It is also a necessary tool in a fast-paced and fast-growing working environment.

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This article was written by our communications intern Sofia!

Table of Contents