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5 Reasons to Kick-start your Future with Edunation Pathway Diploma

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Edunation Pathway Diploma is a preparatory program for international students who wish to start their university studies abroad, especially to study in Europe, but do not yet meet requirements for direct entry. The program helps you get yourselves ready for higher education studies and reach the skill level needed for university entry. After successfully completing the Pathway Diploma at Edunation, you will be eligible to progress to degree studies at one of our partner universities.

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So, as an international student, why should you start with our Pathway program?

A guarantee of the future

The Pathway Diploma provides a fast and more economical approach to obtain the dream of a high-quality education in Finland: a guaranteed study place at a Finnish university or in the EU without Entrance Exam. After successfully accomplishing the Pathway Diploma, you will be eligible to progress directly to degree studies in your chosen program.

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Different academic tracks for you to choose from

At the moment, Edunation Pathway Diploma offers two different academic tracks: Business and Engineering and Technology. These three programs belong in the list of the most important professional fields in Finland as well as the most popular academic paths in Finnish universities.

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Preparation is the key to success

At Edunation, we understand that studying abroad can be super challenging for an international student: transferring from high school to university and entering a new country, a totally new living and studying environment.

With this in mind, Edunation thrives to support international students with your preparation before moving onto a Bachelor’s degree program in Finland. Our Pathway Diploma programs have been designed to help you develop English language skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking; Mathematical skills needed for further business studies; academic skills, including critical thinking, academic writing, and digital skills; study skills and techniques needed for academic success; basic concepts of business and economics; intercultural communication.

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Online studying is the new norm

There are 3 ways for you to complete your Pathway Diploma studies:

• Study online

• Study hubs in Asia

• Study hubs in Finland

The programs include both instructor-paced and self-paced courses that combine independent and collaborative learning. You will be attending virtual classrooms, interactive lectures, pre-recorded lectures and online discussions.

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Hands-on teaching from one of the best education systems in the world

Edunation Pathway provides students hands-on training from the Finnish education: Finnish studying platform Claned, Finnish teachers lecturing courses relating academic skills and major-related fundamental courses.

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Start your study abroad journey in February 2021! Our flexible study options will help you build your international university studies.

Do not miss this opportunity, choose your path, study course and apply now!  

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