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5 Reasons to Work in Finland

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in Finland? Let’s find out why this country is a great destination for study as well as work!

1. Work environment

Finland is renowned for its breathtaking nature, as well as having one of the best air qualities in the world. People enjoy outdoor activities.

Therefore, Finnish workplaces offer a good balance so that workers really take care of their well-being!

In Finland, it is also possible to work flexibly. Working either at the office or at home is common. Employees often get to have a say regarding their working hours, to find a suitable schedule to boost productivity.

2. Jobs in demand

International students can apply to find work in their field, even during the studies. There are many fields where skilled workers are in high demand. Some of these include engineering, nursing and education.

Laboratory, Test Tubes, Healthcare Worker, Hospital
Healthcare workers are in high demand in Finland!

3. Innovation

Thirdly, Finland is ranked as one of the most innovative countries in the world. Many successful and well-known companies have come from Finland. You might have heard of Angry Birds and Nokia!

Universities like LUT have a big focus on research and development. Students gain knowledge and skills to prepare for careers in their chosen field.

4. Support

Applying and finding work in Finland can be challenging for international students. Additionally, there may be issues with finding jobs that are in English.

There are many online job sites that offer positions in English. Larger towns and cities also have employment offices where jobseekers are given advice on finding suitable positions. In addition, you can take part in work experience placements, where you train the skills needed for a job.

5. Working in Finland while studying

Lastly, working while studying is possible for students at Finnish universities. For international students, you can work up to 25 hours a week during the academic year, and full time during the summer and winter breaks.

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Table of Contents