3 Reasons You Lack Motivation at School – and How to Fix it

Feeling the lack of motivation at school is not that rare. On the contrary, it’s not an exaggeration if I say that it happens to everyone at least once throughout their school life. Even the most motivated people run out of steam sometimes. So if you’ve been feeling unmotivated lately, don’t beat yourself up but rather identify the cause of that and try to solve it.

Read ahead and learn how to fight 3 main reasons you may lack motivation at school!

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You are overwhelmed

It’s likely that your life as a student spins around two things: school and your personal life. Both demand your constant attention and have many things to take care of. Balancing all of those is not as easy.

Having so much going on in your life, makes you feel stressed and easily burnt out. Which drains your physical and mental energy, making you lose your willingness to do anything, even if you were eager to do that at first.

How to deal with that?

So, how do you cope with feeling overwhelmed? To ease your situation, you need to do a few things.

The best starting point would be to stop whatever you’re doing and clear your mind. Spend a few minutes doing nothing, but focusing on your breathing. If you know some of the breathing techniques, you may practice those as well. Doing that you should focus solely on your feelings, on the present environment and nothing more.

After you’ve calmed yourself down, open up a blank page and write down all the tasks that need to be completed. The order doesn’t matter at this point; write down even small tasks such as grocery shopping or cleaning the house.

Once you have the whole picture, add the due dates if any and prioritize the tasks according to the deadlines and in order of importance.

After that, start with smaller tasks first: go outside and buy groceries, clean your house, etc. Carrying out such generic tasks is not a big deal, but by starting small you’ll see how quickly your enormous to-do list begins to shorten.

The main thing you need to remember when making to-do lists to not overwhelm yourself even more is:

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It’s simply not your thing

The second reason that may be causing your lack of motivation is the fact that you’re not enjoying what you’re doing.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking: “why am I even doing this”? If your answer is “yes”, then you are likely to force yourself in the wrong direction.

How to deal with that?

We tend to put off tasks that bring us discomfort, seem too difficult or uninteresting. Many such tasks are given to us by someone else, be that at school or at home.

When the situation demands you to make yourself do it even though you don’t want to, you need to look for positive sides from accomplishing the task.

Finding good even in the activities you don’t like might seem difficult at first, but you’ll learn to do so effortlessly. Ask yourself a question: what do I gain from doing that task and what do I lose. If you struggling with the school assignment, the possible answer would be that you lose time, but you gain knowledge and new skills. In the long run, gaining new expertise is more valuable, therefore thinking of the positive outcome will help you to complete your task.

However, to avoid having too many tasks you don’t like, practice saying “no” more often. When applicable, try declining an offer: it’s better than do it reluctantly.

You want the result to be perfect

But even if you choose only the things you love and are passionate about, it may still result in passive attitude. If you crave to make the task so perfectly, you are likely to postpone it waiting for the so-called “right moment” to come.

You need to remember that you are already enough and you have enough expertise and skills to get onto the task.

Don’t wait for a perfect moment, perfect equipment, perfect people around to start doing something. You need to understand that the only thing you get to do in this case is to “just DO it“.

Yes, you may be hesitant doing the first steps, but you’ll grow confidence on the way.

While waiting for a perfect moment to start, you learn to tolerate procrastination. Your lack of motivation and procrastination go hand in hand. The only way to beat those is to stop thinking about the “perfect result”, but to care more about the process. In the recent article published by Forbes, you can read how perfection can get in the way of progress and harm your everyday life.

You might notice that those three things I mentioned blend together causing you to lack motivation. Don’t feel lonely on this road trying to bring it back: we all experience that. Give yourself time to be lazy, and remember these things:

  1. Focus on one thing at a time
  2. Find positive sides in everything you do
  3. Say “no” to new tasks if you feel overwhelmed
  4. Just start somewhere
  5. The process matters more than the outcome

University years are challenging in many ways. But you can find ways to spend it with the most value! Remember that your hard work always pays off and keep going.

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