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A Dive into the Global Education Industry – Internship at Edunation

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I spent almost 3 months working as an intern at Edunation’s office in New Delhi, India. Completing an internship in India – one of the fastest-growing economies in the world – is an opportunity you should not miss.

Promoting Finnish higher education

Edunation’s goal is to bring more international students to Finland and to make the application process smoother for the students. My main job as an intern in India was to promote Finland and Finnish universities.

Edunation staff promoting Finnish education to Indian students

At Edunation, interns are treated as full members of the team. This means that even as an intern, you are trusted to take responsibility and encouraged to share your ideas. Working at Edunation, I enjoyed the diversity of tasks that varied from customer service to social media marketing.

The absolute highlight of my internship was getting to travel around India. We visited several schools and colleges, where we met with hundreds of students, parents and education professionals.

During these visits, I learned that Indian students commonly choose to study in some of the more traditional study destination countries like the US or Australia. A big part of our job was to convince the students about the advantages of choosing Finland. Overall, the reception was very warm, and the students were excited to learn about the opportunities Finland has to offer. I am convinced that in the future, we will have a lot more Indian students studying in Finland!

audience at an event in India

What did the internship teach me?

During my internship, I learned how to adapt to a completely different working culture and developed my international communication skills. Thanks to this experience, I was also able to start building an international network! I believe that having a good understanding of the Indian culture will be an advantage in the future job market, as the country’s global importance keeps growing.

Presenting at an event in India

Internship at Edunation is a great opportunity to gain international work experience and get an insight into the global education field. To anyone debating on whether to apply for an internship at Edunation, do it!

~ Ida is now a full-time employee at Edunation Finland and happily working as an Engagement Specialist. She will be travelling again, soon for her Southeast Asia assignments.

Table of Contents