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Our Pathway student, Noelle Francesca, officially started her studies at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences in January after completing the Pathway to Finland program. She’s currently taking up a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in International Business. We got the chance to interview her recently to know what the beginning of her degree studies was like.

Pathway to finland

Our Pathway to Finland study program assists you in preparing for higher education and achieving the required competence level for university entrance. After finishing the program, you will be qualified to continue your education at one of our Finnish partner universities!

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Pathway to Finland
Pathway to Finland

KAjaani University of applied sciences

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) is located in the county of Kainuu, surrounded by beautiful nature. KAMK is an international learning and development community with its campus. KAMK is a perfect opportunity to study international business and tourism.

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Finding Edunation and Pathway to Finland studies

Noelle Francesca found Edunation from a Facebook ad while she was scrolling Facebook. Before that, she had searched online how to study in Finland. When she found Edunation, she scheduled a counseling session with us. In our counseling sessions, we guide the students interested in studying in Finland and provide them with information about study possibilities.

Learning what they did from the counseling session, Noelle Francesca’s parents agreed to her dreams of studying in Finland, so she began her journey with enrolling in Edunation’s Pathway to Finland program. Since she was already used to the online setup, she did the Pathway studies online. Noelle Francesca had a period where she had to adjust to the schedule and develop a routine. She was scared at first, and she would have to adjust to different accents and teaching styles. She also had to understand what learning diaries are and how they can support learning. Noelle Francesca took a mathematics course during the Pathway studies, which was beneficial since she did not have to take the same course during the degree studies. She thinks that the teachers are lovely, diverse, and helpful. It made her more excited to enter the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

Noelle Francesca had questions about applying for a Residence Permit, housing, and commuting to Kajaani. Edunation helped Noelle Francesca with all the practical things before her arrival to Finland. Her degree studies started in January 2022.

The start of degree studies

When Noelle Francesca arrived in Finland, she was very excited because she loved the snow and cold. She has always wanted to study in Finland, so coming for the first time was quite an experience for her. She already expected Kajaani to be a small town, but there is a lot of nature. Noelle Francesca has not yet seen the northern lights, “revontulet”in Finnish.

Trees, snow and a blue sky
Trees, snow and a blue sky

As she started her degree studies at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, she had met the teachers beforehand. The first day was excellent, the teachers were really cool, and there was a lot of group discussion. The Pathway to Finland studies had prepared her for the degree studies, making it easier for her to adjust to studying in a university. The content of the subjects exceeded her expectations, and she has learned a lot more. Her studies in KAMK have also helped her adjust to Finland and student life.

Most remarkable moments have been taking walks in the morning. The sky is beautiful, and the snowflakes are falling.

-Noelle Francesca

Plans after graduation?

Noelle Francesca still has a bit of her studies left at the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, but she already has plans for after graduation. She plans on staying in Finland and wants to find a good, diverse job in Finland. The Business industry is broad, and with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, there is bound to be plenty of opportunities for her.

Advice to fellow students interested in studying in Finland

“When applying abroad, be open-minded. There is a lot of paperwork in the process, which can demotivate people, but it all pays off when you’re here in Finland, studying at a university. I encourage people to study abroad and in Finland because it is a valuable experience. Do not be shy to ask questions or help; everyone has their struggles, and there are people who are willing to help you.”

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