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Amazing Experience at the 24th HKIEE Expo!

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Our team just came back from the 24th Hong Kong International Education Expo (HKIEE).The exhibition provided us with a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with parents and students and help them gain a better understanding to our Finnish universities.

During this weekend, we are very grateful to have received help from the Finnish Consulate of Hong Kong and Macao. The Consulate General, Jari Sinkari, has also provided an informative presentation with our team on how to choose the most suitable study abroad destination, and on why Finland has the best education in the world.

Man giving speech in a study exhibit in HK


In addition, we have received some gorgeous blue elephants and decorations from our sponsors Finlayson, a Finnish home textile market leader, and For Kids Licensing, a brand licensing agency in Great China. These eye-catching decorations definitely helped us to stand out in the Education Expo!

With the generous help from these friends, we have attracted many students and parents who wished to learn more about education in Finland. Most of them learnt about Finland from the news reporting the high quality education, with emphasis on developing critical thinking skills that are essential to succeed in the 21st Century.

When the expo attendees spoke to us, they were very surprised to know that the tuition fees are very affordable (6,000EUR+ per year) for this good quality of education at a developed Western country. Also, the many job opportunities available in Finland has been extremely attractive to students as they have an option to work overseas when they graduate, or come back to work in Hong Kong/China with their graduation from our universities since they are all accredited. With such benefits, we have also established many new collaboration opportunities with student recruitment agents and institutions.

One of the highlights from the exhibition was actually the delicious Finnish traditional candies, called Marianne. Not only did we offered them to people who came to our booth, we Finnish people, being the happiest people on earth, decided to spread some joy by walking around the venue and sharing these candies to all passersby! Kids, Teenagers and adults alike kept coming back for more (one even came back for 15 times…)

Foreign delegates in study exhibit fair

Successful event

Overall, the event was a huge success and we have generated huge interest towards Finland. More families, institutions and student recruitment agents are starting to understand that Finland is the safest and happiest in the world while having the best education system.

If you would also like to learn more about Finnish culture, Finnish education or would like to collaborate with us, send us a message at to see how we can help!

Table of Contents