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Apply To Study In Finland: Five Easy Steps To Achieve The Best Education For You In 2024!

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Enrolling as an international student is challenging – but it is certainly worth it! With this, let us help you reach your educational goal and teach you how to apply to study in Finland. We will guide you through five easy steps specifically created for international students.

Imagine yourself on your first day at an international learning institution. Visualize the new environment and culture you will encounter. Envision a new life that will make you globally competitive. Are you ready? Let’s proceed!

Why choose to apply to study in Finland?

Finland is undoubtedly the best country for international students to upgrade their higher education. It generally offers more benefits compared to studying in Canada, Australia, or other European destinations such as Sweden and Germany. Below are some exciting highlights when you apply to study in Finland.

1. The country offers the best educational system in the world

Nations admire Finland’s theoretical methods, which are equally present in young to higher education. For other countries, copying the country’s public policies is incorrect. One reason is that the Finnish learning method relies explicitly on the best, most highly-trained, and dedicated teachers. Most countries’ learning systems don’t have this advantage, so it will be hard to follow the Finnish standard. Also, Finland is constantly upgrading to meet the demands of the evolving workforce so that you will be globally competitive.

2. Universities in Finland produce the best global students worldwide

Students from Finnish universities are known to be globally competitive in any field they practice. They are rated to have the highest IQ and smartest based on reading, math, and science. Primary schools, in particular, implemented excellent changes throughout the country, and students have access to equally good education.

Additionally, Finland has one of the highest intelligence capital indexes. Finnish people or Finns specifically expand the borders of knowledge to create new technologies beneficial worldwide.

3. Affordable education plus part-time work

Tuition fees in Finland universities are more affordable compared to other countries. The average academic cost is only around 6,000 to 12,000 Euros per academic year. In addition, universities in Finland can grant scholarships to incoming international students that cover 50% of their tuition fees. You may visit our tuition fees and scholarship page for more details.

You can also work 30 hours a week courtesy of the revised law for the entry and retention of international students. We can help you look for a part-time job while studying. Visit our working in Finland for international students page, and we will assist you in finding a part-time job that perfectly fits your academic schedule!

4. The nation is simply stunning

International students who wish to apply to study in Finland will surely appreciate the country’s natural beauty. It has supreme landscapes, breathtaking bodies of water, and a rich ecosystem that supplies the nation’s healthiest food.

If you think balancing nature with modernization is tricky, Finland certainly accomplished that goal! The country’s capital, Helsinki, is one of the most modern cities in the world. It has posh modern buildings, free Wi-Fi zones, a highly–civilized vibe, exciting cities, and more. 

In addition, all universities in Finland are modern, and most have undergone renovations to equip them with the latest innovations in teaching. They certainly provide an excellent studying environment that international students will adore.

There are certainly more reasons to apply to study in Finland. Now, imagine walking in the streets of this country as an international student and enjoying all the benefits it offers.

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Which university should I choose if I apply to study in Finland?

All universities in Finland are certainly acclaimed for providing the best educational system. If you plan to take up a degree in business, we strongly suggest the Hanken School of Economics, known for its Triple Crown accreditation, which is only given to 1% of business schools globally.

For those who want to be future information and communications technology experts, we highly recommend Turku University of Applied Sciences.  This learning institution offers an innovation hub at their Salo IoT Campus, where you can learn about the latest innovations the world will truly appreciate.

Do you still need help with what program or University to apply to study in Finland? Let us help you! Send us a message, and we will give you helpful advice and feedback.

Are you ready to apply to study in Finland? Let’s proceed!

Let us help you start Your application

Now that you know the benefits the country offers and the universities in Finland to help you become globally competitive, allow us to guide you with the steps on how to apply to study in Finland.

First, you should know the admission requirements for your chosen program in Finland. Different programs require different documents. To be sure, please check our university page to learn more.

Please note that no matter what program you wish to apply to study in Finland, you will specifically need the following:

  • High school diploma if you are applying for Bachelor’s studies. For master’s studies, please prepare your Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • Transcript of records
  • A clear copy of a valid passport ID page
  • Proof of English proficiency

You must submit a certificate that demonstrates your current English level. The required English proficiency depends on your chosen pathway program and progression at the university. Please visit our English language requirement page to see the acceptable certificates and English-speaking countries that are not required to submit.

Filling out the application form

Completing the application form to apply to study in Finland is surprisingly easy. Just fill out your information, identify what intake, the university you prefer, and the program you will take.

If you are applying for Pathway to Finland, start by selecting your nationality, pathway program, and study track.

Next, pick your pathway intake, study mode, study method, and preferred progress to degree studies.

Step 1: Personal information

Start by providing basic details about yourself:

  • Your name
  • Native language
  • Passport number
  • Passport validity
  • Date of birth

After that, fill in your contact information, such as:

  • Your email address
  • Phone number
  • Home address

Please ensure all the information is correct before proceeding to the next step.

check information you put in the application
Always make sure to double-check all the information in your application!

Step 2: Your educational background

This part is about your academic record needed to apply to study in Finland. If you enroll in a bachelor’s program or pathway to Finland, we will request information about your high school education.

On the other hand, for students applying for master’s programs, please provide details about your past higher education, such as your bachelor’s degree.

Tick your answers to the questions and choose the country of your secondary education. Next, log in your graduation date or expected graduation date.

Step 3: Information for Edunation

This step contains questions we need to complete your application. If you applied through our partner agencies, type their name and email address. If not, click No, and proceed with the other questions.

Step 4. Required documents to attach

This section requires you to attach documents to apply to study in Finland. Upload the necessary documents for every program, such as your high school or higher education diploma, transcript of records, proof of English proficiency, and a clear copy of your passport.

Next, attach other documents required depending on the program.

For a smooth application, it is best to have the required documents to apply to study in Finland ready before you start with the application.

Also, ensure that the documents needed are complete so we can process your application smoothly.

Step 5: Finalizing your application

We have come to the final stage of how to apply to study in Finland!

This page requires you to pay the Pathway Programs service fee of 50 EUR immediately in full. The amount may increase depending on your preferred study method and program duration.

You can pay using the following ways:

  • Bank transfer or Wire
  • Paypal
  • Credit card

After settling the total amount, please read The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. We also suggest signing up for our Edunation newsletters to receive the latest news, updates, and more!

apply to study in Finland
Your application is complete! Please check your email regularly for feedback and updates!

And that’s it! Your steps to apply to study in Finland are complete!

Again, please ensure all the information needed for your application is correct before submitting it. Also, check your email regularly for feedback and guidance from us for the next step!

Summing it up

Enrolling to apply to study in Finland is easy! You need to prepare your documents, then fill out our application forms, and you will hear from us immediately!

Never stop dreaming about your educational goals. We are here to help you all the way to reach it all. Send us a message if you have further questions. You may also book a free counseling session, and we will gladly assist with your concerns!

Learning the country’s language is advantageous when you apply to study in Finland. That is why we created the EN Finnish Language course, the most affordable and reliable language program for anyone! Enroll now, as we only have limited slots!

Moreover, be an expert in the universal language with English Express! Upgrade your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills in just eight weeks! Sign up now and be surprised with your progress!

Finally, enjoy a seamless entry into the country with our Arrival Finland Packages. We offer bundles that cover professional guidance in getting a Residence Permit to essential orientation upon arrival. Reserve a slot for a smooth entry in the country!

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