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Arrival to Finland and Edunation’s Newest Packages For A Seamless Study and Work Opportunity!

As many European countries have started to reopen, your arrival to Finland for study and work is certainly guaranteed to be smooth and easy!

Finland was one of the top countries that responded well to the pandemic. The nation was able to equally spread helpful and compelling information through digital platforms.

Today, let us update you on your steps upon arrival to Finland!

We will also introduce our newest and exciting product, “Arriving Finland”. It will assure a seamless journey toward your dream of studying, working, and living in the happiest country in the world!

Step-by-step procedure for your arrival to Finland

According to VisitFinland, as of June 30, 2022, your protocol upon arrival to Finland doesn’t require test results or certificates for Covid19 vaccinations. Non-Schengen and non-EU travelers must still have their required documents, such as passports, visas, etc., upon arrival to Finland.

1. Before booking your flight

Once you have a valid residence permit and other necessary documents, you may book a ticket to Finland.

Let us help you refresh your memory! Read the steps on applying for a residence permit for studies to start learning the best education for your global professional goals.

Additionally, for further assistance, let us guide you in choosing the best program to study. You may also book a free counseling session with our dedicated team, which is always ready to help you!

Furthermore, it is advisable to take Finnish language courses to sharpen your language skills for better communication and effectively embrace the culture upon your arrival to Finland. We offer it online so that you can learn this exciting language anywhere!

2. Booking your flight

Buying a ticket upon your arrival to Finland is easy as you have many options online. To make it smoother and more affordable, we will give you tips!

  • Google Flights, Momondo, and Priceline are the best tools for finding affordable flights to Finland, as they are easy to use. You may also opt for Skyscanner and ITA Matrix if you are familiar with complicated ones.
  • Google Flights Explore Map is also helpful in looking for reasonably-priced airfare. Simply key in your country’s airport and put Finland to see the available options.
  • The cheapest days to travel are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, so make sure to book your flights on the said days. On the other hand, Fridays and Sundays are the most costly days.
  • The cheapest time to fly in Europe is January through mid of May and September through early December. On the contrary, mid-June through mid-August and Christmas is the most expensive.
  • Use Kayak or Google Flights to set useful fare alerts for airline discounts and promos.

3. Arrival to Finland

Upon your arrival to Finland, be prepared to answer questions at the airports’ border control truthfully. The queries will mainly consist of the reason for travel, residence permit documents, your host university, and accommodation.

Once done with border control, welcome to Finland! You made a perfect choice, as the country has many benefits for international students!

Arrival in Finland
Welcome to Finland! We guarantee you will receive the best education plus wonderful benefits in the happiest country in the world!

Our newest product: Arriving Finland

If you find the task challenging and prefer a relaxing process upon arrival to Finland, our newest offering is for you!

Arriving Finland is a brand new product of Edunation. We offer international students a broader range of services from post-school acceptance to post-arrival!

Arriving Finland Packages

Listed below are the exciting bundles that will undoubtedly make your arrival to Finland hassle-free!


  • Application to Edunation
  • Assistance with Residence Permit application


  • Application to Edunation
  • Assistance with Residence Permit application
  • Accommodation in Finland
  • Pick-up and post-arrival services upon arrival to Finland


  • Application to Edunation
  • Assistance with Residence Permit application
  • Accommodation in Finland
  • Pick-up and post-arrival services upon arrival to Finland

Furthermore, additional fees for Residence Permit and pickup service will be applied if the student decides to take their family to Finland.

To sum it up

Going as an international student to any country is challenging but truly rewarding. Our Pathway to Finland will undoubtedly prepare you for higher education in the happiest country in the world.

Additionally, ensure a smooth arrival to Finland with Edunation’s Arriving Finland! Let us assist you with your life-changing experience.

If you have questions, book a counseling session now!

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