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Best country to study nursing in 2024

If you are planning to be part of the international healthcare sector and looking for the best country to study nursing, we are here to help you decide!

The demand for nurses all around the world is increasing yearly. There is an anticipated shortage as the year ends due to the pandemic, growing access to health care, the aging population, and other reasons. Globally, hospitals urgently need registered nurses. And soon, you might be part of that vital group that provides medical assistance.

If you are planning to study abroad, let us assist you in choosing the best country to study nursing. We also included the reasons to take up nursing and the best healthcare universities in each country.

Can International students take up nursing programs abroad?

Yes! International students can undoubtedly enroll in international universities offering nursing courses.

However, the requirements to take up higher education in a country vary. Generally, initial requirements include an academic certificate from your home country and English proficiency result.

Reasons to study nursing

Aside from the rewarding feeling of helping patients get well, here are other reasons you should take up nursing:

Nurses are in demand anywhere in the world

Registered nurses are always included in the most in-demand jobs globally. They are the backbone of a country’s healthcare system, assisting doctors with multiple specialized tasks.

Limitless learning opportunities

If you like learning new skills, nursing is your profession! Nurses encounter challenges daily and successfully learn from their job experiences. Every day is a challenge, but it is ultimately rewarding.

Outstanding career mobility

Nurses can work in many departments in a hospital. They can also provide services in a private or community health facility.Some nurses can also work as consultants. Additionally, if you are passionate about teaching, you can work as an educator.

The opportunity to lead is always possible

Aside from handling specialized assistance in patients, nursing leadership is a sought-after skill. After years of expertise in healthcare, you can work as a researcher mentoring fresh talents, a point-of-care nurse that provides client care, and more. The progress in your career is limitless!

Nursing is the perfect second profession

If you are looking for a second profession, nursing is one of the best options. Aside from an excellent salary and having the opportunity to work abroad, you can passionately help patients. It’s a fulfilling job that makes you appreciate life more.

The best country to study nursing

best country to study nursing
Nurses fought a good battle during the pandemic. They made sure everyone is safe and free from sickness caused by the virus.

1. Finland

Studying in Finland means equality for all! Due to the nation’s acclaimed education system, you should consider Finland as the best country to study nursing. Aside from providing one of the best healthcare systems in the world, the country has renowned universities that offer various bachelor’s degree courses in nursing.

Lapland University of Applied Sciences provides a Bachelor of Health Care degree focusing on nursing. The program takes three and a half years to complete and will effectively cover medical knowledge, nursing care, and more.

The Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, or SAMK, has a Health and Welfare faculty that provides courses in senior care and human aging. SAMK’s curriculum focuses on giving their students skills in assessing the needs of their client’s health and well-being, creating an individual care plan, and administering proper treatment therapies.

Another Finnish learning institution you can certainly consider is the Novia University of Applied Sciences. It offers nursing and healthcare degrees, covering different specialties such as healthcare administration, medical ethics, and more.

Aside from the best universities, there are more positive reasons to study in Finland. The country is also the perfect place to work and settle after graduation.

2. The Netherlands

Because of its advanced healthcare and strong economy, the Netherlands is among the best country to study nursing.

The Netherlands consistently ranks as one of the nations with the best healthcare system in the world. With that, nursing students will certainly experience extensive and innovative training in the country.

Once you graduate, many job opportunities are available in the country. If you plan to study nursing in the Netherlands, the Christelijke Hogeschool Ede is one of your best options. This learning institution provides a graduate degree in Nursing and Public Health. This university’s alums are known to be competent in public health and contribute significantly to the community’s overall welfare.

3. Sweden

Sweden is another best country to study nursing. The nation focuses highly on health services due to its growing population.

If you plan to pursue a nursing course in Sweden, expect high-quality learning and training as the nation aspires for excellence. Swedish learning institutions are equipped with the latest technology in the field of health and provide comprehensive practical learning skills to their students.

The Karonlinska Institutet is the best choice to study nursing in the country. It consistently ranks as one of the best medical schools in the world

In addition, it has one of the most extensive training and research centers, where 40% is meant for academic medical and research in life science, and 30% is for medical training.

4. Hungary

Hungary is considered the best country to study nursing in terms of affordability. Compared to other European nations, the tuition fee in Hungarian universities is more reasonable.

In addition, the country’s educational sector is improving significantly due to an increase in international students.

The University of Pécs is an excellent choice to pursue your nursing education goals. It is one of the top public learning institutions in the country and currently holds a rank in the QS World University for 2023.

best country to study nursing
Nurses are highly skilled professionals celebrated in every part of the world!

5. Cyprus

Cyprus can also be considered the best country to study nursing. Aside from developing the necessary skills in the field of healthcare, international students learn more. After graduation, their critical thinking, competence, leadership, and communication skills level up.

The University of Nicosia is an excellent choice for students who want to take up nursing in the country. It is Cyprus’s most significant learning institution and has more than 14,000 students from 100 nations.

Although the country’s oldest learning institution, the University of Nicosia is a fully digitalized university, it consistently holds a high spot in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.  

6. South Korea

If you prefer to go to Asia, South Korea is the best country to study nursing. It is an ideal learning destination as you can work internationally and experience high-quality medical learning. You can also finish the program in English because most international universities in the country don’t require you to speak their language.

Generally, it takes four years to finish a bachelor’s degree in nursing. If you opt for a master’s degree, you must study for two more years in graduate school.

Local and international students prefer the Yonsei University College of Nursing. It is one of the most prestigious learning institutions in the country and the best university for nursing in Seoul.

7. Hongkong

Another Asian nation considered the best country to study nursing is Hongkong. It provides a world-class healthcare system for its citizens, and universities are highly-competent. Local and international students can expect extensive medical training to make them globally competitive.

Local and international learners specifically choose The Chinese University of Hongkong – The Nethersole School of Nursing. It is the top nursing school in the country and consistently ranks as one of the best nursing schools in Asia.

The Chinese University of Hongkong – The Nethersole School of Nursing is globally known in education, health services, and research. Additionally, it is the first nursing institution to provide a Doctor of Philosophy degree in nursing.

8. Singapore

Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries in Asia per capita, but you shouldn’t be intimidated if you choose to study in the country. You are guaranteed one of the best education in the field of nursing plus comprehensive training to make you globally fit.

Established in 1905, the National University of Singapore – Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine is the best option for studying a nursing course in Singapore. It is the first medical university in the country and offers undergraduate, Master’s, and PH.D. degrees in nursing.

Its nursing programs are recognized worldwide. The university also employs highly-efficient faculty to make sure its students comprehensively learn.

Furthermore, early exposure to hospital activities and duties is part of a student’s curriculum. It enables them to immerse fully in the medical environment and master their future job and responsibilities.

best country to study nursing
Aside from being hardworking, nurses are passionate about helping their patients get well.

9. China

China is also included as the best country to study nursing as the tuition fee in the country is significantly lower compared to Australia and Canada. Though more affordable, you can expect high-quality teaching in innovative learning facilities.

If you choose to study in China, Fudan University – School of Nursing is one the best learning institution in the country. In 2012, its nursing program got the highest rating among medical schools in Shanghai.

Additionally, Fudan University – School of Nursing consistently ranks among the top nursing schools in the world since 2018. This learning institution puts a lot of emphasis on specialized care for people at all stages of their lives.

10. United States of America

The United States of America is a popular destination for international students to learn nursing. They can choose from over 2,600 teaching institutions in the country that provide an efficient learning system and modern medical facilities.

If you opt to study in the USA, the University of Illinois College of Nursing is the best. Its faculty comprises award-winning clinicians and professors ready to share their knowledge and experiences in the medical field.

Additionally, the University of Illinois College of Nursing holds one of the top ranks in the Global Network of WHO Collaborating Centers (WHOCCs) for their nursing programs. You can expect to graduate with the overall knowledge of a globally fit nurse. 

How to choose the best country to study nursing

Your safety is the top priority in choosing the best country to study nursing. Do extensive research about your preferred study-abroad destination to ensure a positive experience in the country.

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