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Best European Places To Visit With Your College Friends This Spring

Written by Lisa Mottins

Students love touring Europe for one key reason: This continent has the best transport infrastructure in the world. Going through Europe is easy and air tickets around the continent are favorable for even the frugal students. Also, there is a lot of diversity on the continent and so many destinations to tour within a very small geographical space. It is not as vast as other continents, cheap accommodation options are many, and the people here are very friendly.

But is Europe a good travel destination for a student during the spring months? Yes, it is! Almost every European city has something unique for you this and every spring. Whether you want to explore a major city such as London or Madrid or you want to stay tight in a small country house in Switzerland, this continent has got you covered. Just apply for a visa and set out for a fun spring vacation in Europe. If you are needed to a flight reservation for a visa, ensure that you acquire one from a reputable travel agency. A good agency will help you get a booked flight itinerary and ease your way through the visa application process.

With all the necessary travel documents in the bag, go ahead and try visiting these 6 European destinations this Spring.

Lisbon, Portugal

Buildings in Portugal with orange roofs
Beautiful buildings in Portugal

Like many big cities, summer is the busiest tourism period in Lisbon. Air tickets and accommodation prices are hugely exaggerated. Tourists are also packed to the brim during this time, so your tour options are significantly reduced. In spring, however, many tourists are running off, so you will have little competition for sightseeing and accommodation. You will enjoy the city at your budget and pace, enabling you to soak in the city’s awesome culture. The culinary scene in this city is unmatched in Western Europe and the nightlife is top-notch. There isn’t a more fantastic city to visit during the spring months.

Dresden and Saxony, Germany

Germany forest

You probably didn’t see this coming, did you? Well, the headquarters of the Saxony region is one of the architecturally-packed towns in Europe. It definitely isn’t among the grandest cities on the continent, but it has its fair share of awesomeness to offer you. The street art scene is booming, the culinary creativity here is unmatched across Europe, and there is a lot of history to learn about the city and its dwellers. And because it is compact and small, you will have an easy time touring different sites and exploring the culture and local food on foot.

Prague, Czech Republic

view of German city and bridge from across a lake

The architecture here is stunning and the culture too colorful to be dimmed by the dull weather of spring. You will find the red-tiled roofs beautiful all year round. If you’re a couple and planning to travel soon, this beautiful and romantic city should definitely be in your list this spring. There are few tourists at this time of the year, so you will enjoy 5-star accommodation for a 3-star price. There are plenty of breathtaking sites to see and things to do in Prague. You won’t lack options.

Helsinki, Finland

Colorful buildings and trees in the autumn in Germany

The Finnish capital of Helsinki is an elegant city with beautiful architecture and within easy reach of nature. This beautiful city ranks on the top as one of the world’s most favorite places to stay due it is almost zero crime rate, peaceful surroundings, equality among men and women, great educational system, and of course, the world-renown healthcare system.

So, if you’re looking for a unique place to visit, Helsinki is where you ought to go. With its varied range of attractions that’ll totally leave you in awe, it will surely be the best place you would have visited. Don’t believe us? Take a look at yourself at best attractions to see on Helsinki: Lutheran Cathedral, Rock Church, Suomenlinna Fortress, Senate Square, Uspenski Cathedral, The National Library of Finland and Sibelius Park.

Rome, Italy

Ariel view of Rome, Italy

Tuck into a tiramisu this spring and enjoy the colorful culture of the Romans. This is a perfect opportunity to “do as the Romans do” in the literal sense. You will enjoy sipping the city’s unique espresso and twirling pasta, just to mention some of the delightful food experiences that the city has to offer tourists. And because there aren’t huge crowds at the Sistine Chapel, Trevi Fountain, or at the Colosseum, you will be able to see all these sites and more at a slow pace.

Dublin, Ireland

Street in Dublin, Ireland

This city is famous for its many historic libraries, and when is a better time to be indoors reading and sampling books than in spring. Dublin is a perfect destination when the rest of the world is too cold, rainy, and snowy to visit. Some of the libraries to sample include the Chester Beatty Library and Trinity College. In the evening, dress nicely and go outside to sample brilliant Irish cuisines. Cinnamon and Irish soup are a must-try, amongst other delicacies. There are also thriving food markets to browse, particularly if you are cooking your own food. The food is very cheap here.


Europe is filled with intriguing cuisines for anyone to try. Most importantly, the continent has tons of striking landscapes and fascinating history for a student like you to experience at least once in your college life, and because traveling to and through Europe is cheaper in spring than in the peak months of summer, there isn’t a better time for a student to vacation here than the springtime.

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