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Best places to live in Finland: Top locations to experience the ideal quality of life

What are the best places to live in Finland?

Do you wish to live in a city where fairness and the quality of life are unmatched? Finland offers those and more!

Today, we will present the ten best places to live in Finland and provide helpful descriptions to learn more about each location.

Moreover, we will discuss the exciting privileges you can enjoy in the country.

Finally, we will introduce the easy steps to study and live in Finland!

Reasons to live in Finland

Before we present the best places to live in Finland, we will enumerate some of the advantages citizens receive in the world’s happiest country.

Best places to live in Finland
  • Everyone enjoys a safe and protected environment

Ideally, all citizens globally deserve a secure place to live and grow, and Finland offers that and more. It has one of the lowest crime rates worldwide, where common offenses only include traffic and property misdemeanors.

  • The top country to start a family

Everyone enjoys the best parental laws, including 164 days of parental leaves with a minimum of 30 EUR per day allowance, a baby box with essential well-being items, and more.

  • Clean water and the healthiest, all-natural food

Citizens, whether or not residing in the best places to live in Finland, enjoy access to the purest and most nourishing produce.

Moreover, there is a supply for the country’s needs as it ranks highly globally for food security.

  • Public transportation is highly reliable

Helsinki, one of the best places to live in Finland, is famous for its efficient public transportation, as it connects nearby areas effectively.

Additionally, students, children, pensioners, military conscripts, and civil service enjoy discounts on public transportation.

  • Workers receive a satisfying salary

Due to a robust and progressing economy, employees in the country enjoy a good income. After tax deductions, a satisfying monthly salary starts at approximately 2,000 to 2,600 EUR. This amount allows you to pay for necessities and buy wants.

Living in Finland certainly has more benefits, and if you want to experience it, continue reading.

Best places to live in Finland

After the advantages, let us present the best places to live in Finland where you can grow personally and professionally.

1. Helsinki

Located on the Southern Coast, Helsinki is considered one of the best places to live in Finland, as it offers instant access to primary and unique necessities.

From modern public transportation to the trendiest district, Finland’s intriguing capital is a refreshing area where you can be the best version of yourself.

Moreover, Helsinki is a gorgeous city with the perfect balance of Scandinavian, contemporary, and Art Nouveau influences.

Places to visit in Helsinki: Helsinki City Museum, The Market Square, Helsinki Botanical Gardens, Suomenlinna

Best places to live in Finland

2. Tampere

If you are looking for the best places in Finland to live and work, Tampere must be at the top of your list, where many businesses are stationed.

Additionally, Tampere is Finland’s largest inland city and is well-connected with Helsinki through Pendolino, the nation’s high-speed rail system.

Aside from its rich culture, Tampere is a picturesque city with magnificent natural corners. It is sandwiched between two breathtaking lakes – Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, offering refreshing views all year round.

Places to visit in Tampere: Tallinpiha Court Yard, Hantanpää Park, Viikinsaari Island, Rauhaniemi Beach sauna, Pyynikki Observation Tower

Best places to live in Finland

3. Oulu

Another city considered one of the best places to live in Finland is Oulu-famous for its neoclassical architecture and stunning historic buildings.

Moreover, Oulu sits in a lovely area where the Bay of Bothnia and Oulujoki River join, providing another mesmerizing attraction everyone will appreciate.

Those planning on engineering and IT careers must put Oulu on their list, as it is home to international corporations specializing in the said industry.

Places to visit in Oulu: Nallikari Beach, Tietomaa Science Center, Hupisaaret Islands, Oulu Market Hall

Best places to live in Finland

4. Espoo

If you prefer to live near Helsinki, Espoo is the perfect location. It offers a progressive and lively environment and a reliable transportation system.

Furthermore, this modern city holds exciting celebrations such as sports and cultural events, international concerts, and grandiose festivals.

Espoo, the nation’s second-most-populated city, is an excellent alternative to Helsinki, minus the slightly high cost of living.

Places to visit in Espoo: Laguuni Water Park, Nuuksio Wilderness Park, WeeGee Exhibition Center

Best places to live in Finland

5. Turku

Another beautiful city in Finland is Turku, equally boasting spectacular seaside and river sceneries. It is considered one of the best places to live in Finland as it offers many things everyone will love.

Firstly, you will enjoy cultural areas like the Turku Cathedral, Qwensel House, Turku Castle, and more.

Next, there are many outdoor activities, and one of the most popular are river activities, especially during summer.

Turku also has several trendy cafes, bars, and restaurants where you can try local delicacies and meet new friends.

Places to visit in Turku: Medieval Market, Moomin World, Aboa Vetus Ars Nova

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6. Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is recommended for those looking for an enchanting area where it is generally cold all year round.

You will surely enjoy immersive experiences such as sleigh ride tours, snowmobile safari with a campfire, watching the Northern Lights, and more.

Job opportunities are also specifically good in Rovaniemi as it is a popular tourist destination, and you can work in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Places to visit in Rovaniemi: Artikum, Santa Claus Village, SantaPark, Apukka Resort, Bearhill Husky

7, Vantaa

Vantaa is one of the best places to live in Finland. It is near the airport and the country’s capital, efficiently connected by an outstanding rail system.

Aside from being an excellent alternative to living in Helsinki, Vantaa also offers a dynamic environment with fancy to midrange restaurants, bars, and other establishments.

Additionally, there are interesting sites to explore in the area, such as Heureka Science Center and the old train station in Tikkurila turned into a museum.

Places to visit in Vantaa: Sipoonkorpi National Park, Aviation Museum, Heureka, SuperPark Vantaa, Haltiala Domestic Animal Farm

Best places to live in Finland

8. Jyväskylä

Jyväskylä is one of the best places to live in Finland for those who wish for tranquility in a city.

Aside from being Finland’s lake district, Jyväskylä is famous for its breathtaking setting where contemporary buildings and nature gracefully mix.

This peaceful region has fun leisure activities for you to enjoy, such as rowing, hiking, etc.

Places to visit in Jyväskylä: Finnish Airforce Museum, Alvar Aalto Museum, Toivola Old Courtyard, Natural History Museum of Central Finland

Best places to live in Finland

9. Rauma

Rauma is a charming small town and one of the best places to live in Finland, as it has two officially recognized UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

First is the Old Rauma, famous for its well-preserved wooden residences and scenic streets. Next is the Sammallahdenmäki, acclaimed for its burial cairns and the first prehistoric archaeological area in the country.

Moreover, the area is also ideal for those wanting a serene life near the sea. Expect a refreshing breeze and spectacular sunrise and sunset.

Places to visit in Rauma: Rauma Maritime Museum, Ruokapuoti Lumo Oy, Kiikartorni, Rauma Art Museum

10. Savonlinna

One of the loveliest and best places to live in Finland is Savonlinna, situated in the southeastern lake district.

Here, you can expect panoramic corners, especially during summer. Residing in Savonlinna also introduces you to many outdoor activities, such as exploring Finnish lakes and forests.

Winter is also exciting in the area as you can try ice floating, skating, snowmobile excursion, and more.

Places to visit in Savonlinna: Savonlinna Provincial Museum, Savonlinna Cathedral, Pikkukirkko, Riihisaari

How to study and live in Finland?

Now that you know the privileges and best places to live in Finland, let us introduce the guaranteed way to study and live there!

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Best places to live in Finland

Summing it up

The best places to live in Finland will certainly change your life in many positive ways. Aside from a new environment where everything is well-taken care of, you get to enjoy the privileges once you become a permanent resident in the country.

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Finally, regularly visit our Blog Section to learn more about the world’s happiest nation.

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