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BEST PLACES TO STUDY ABROAD IN EUROPE, where academic adventure and transformative experience await this 2024!

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What are the best places to study abroad in Europe? 

Due to many exciting privileges that equally benefit a learner’s personal and professional growth, many learners flock to enroll in the best places to study abroad in Europe.

If you plan to upgrade your education in the continent, we list the best places to enroll in Europe, where you can be the best version of yourself. We also included the easiest and most affordable way to enroll in one of the premier locations on the continent.

Why enroll in the best places to study abroad in Europe? 

Millions of international students go yearly to the best places to study abroad in Europe due to the following reasons:

  • Europe has some of the oldest and most respected universities globally, such as the University of Oxford, the University College of London, the University of Copenhagen, and more. 
  • Additionally, learning institutions in the region have an outstanding quality education that is continuously updated to match modern demands in the workplace. 
  • Moreover, European universities offer updated courses and specializations, from business to technology.  
  • The best places to study abroad in Europe are all equally livable, offering a vigorous economy and a stable political environment.  
  •  After graduating in Europe, expect many job opportunities, offering you stability and professional growth. 

There are more outstanding reasons why you should study abroad in Europe. Once in the region, you will certainly feel the energy and have a productive and life-changing experience!

The best places to study abroad in Europe 

After highlighting the benefits of enrolling in the best places to study abroad in Europe, here are the top locations where you can have the best education while enjoying a vibrant environment!

1. Finland 

Aside from consistently being hailed as the happiest country in the world for many years, Finland is one of the best places to study abroad in Europe because of the unmatched Finnish education system offered in acclaimed universities. Many countries tried copying this method, but the original is the best. 

Additionally, equality reigns in the country. Anyone can enjoy the healthiest food, cleanest water, and other impressive benefits of studying in FinlandMore importantly, Finland offers an exceptional quality of life for workers. They can enjoy ideal salariesgood career opportunities, parental leaves, and more! 

2. Portugal

Portugal is among the best places to study abroad in Europe for many reasons. First, it has stunning views of modern and traditional architecture. During your stay, you can expect a visual feast and many photos to capture beautiful corners of rural and urban areas.

Next, Portugal has some of the best universities worldwide. International students can also enroll in respected English-speaking learning institutions providing valuable and updated programs.  

Moreover, this charming region has enjoyable university cities for international learners. They offer reasonable living costs, valuable immersion in Portuguese culture, affordable accommodation for locals, and more!  

3. France 

Besides being an in-demand travel destination, France is also one of the best places to study abroad in Europe. It has outstanding universities and cities where you equally experience a vibrant culture and top-notch education.

Additionally, France is known globally for its cuisine. Have a daily feast and try croissant, baguette, ratatouille, and other famous delicacies!

4. Spain

Another of the best places to study abroad in Europe is Spain, a famous location where tradition and innovation gracefully mix. Barcelona, the country’s favorite city, is an ideal location for your studies as it is vibrant, fast-forwarding, and has some of the top learning institutions in the country.

Moreover, Spain is an entry point to Europe and Latin America, enabling you to access both developed regions and build a remarkable career.

5. Germany

If you’re into music, specifically underground and grunge, consider Berlin in Germany as one of the best places to study abroad in Europe. You will also appreciate the country’s dynamic art scene, which more than 180 galleries represent.

Aside from being the leading manufacturer of automobiles, Germany has a rising technology industry, and the demand for IT professionals is rapidly growing.

6. Italy

Italy is one of the best places to study abroad in Europe, as it has many welcoming cities and towns for international students. One of the finest is Florence, the country’s art capital. It is famous for extravagant architecture, grand paintings, and breathtaking sculptures.

Furthermore, Florence has learning institutions offering various specializations. School breaks are also thrilling in the area, as you can visit equally gorgeous towns like Naples, Rome, Bologna, and Milan.

7. London

London is among the best places to study abroad in Europe as it introduces a diverse environment for international students. The UK’s capital allows them to interact with other learners, creating valuable connections that benefit their personal and educational growth.

Aside from offering a distinct environment, London has top-ranking universities offering various specializations for global learners. You will also genuinely love the area’s offerings – from food to its lifestyle!

8. The Netherlands 

The Netherlands’ capital, Amsterdam, should be first on your list if you prefer to live and study in a truly cosmopolitan environment. Additionally, everyone speaks English, so communicating with the friendly Dutch people is easy.

Moreover, Amsterdam is one of the best places to study abroad in Europe, as it is also ideal for those wanting a laidback metropolis. Everything is also accessible by foot or cycling, ensuring your necessities are within reach.

9. Sweden

Nature lovers will surely love Sweden as it has pristine forests and lakes; you may have a chance to encounter a reindeer or moose!

Aside from its top-notch universities, Sweden is one of the best places to study abroad in Europe to appreciate culture. There are many festivals where you can meet friends and bond with the locals.

10. Switzerland

If you want to experience living in high-class cities, enroll in Switzerland. You may choose from Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Neuenburg, Schaffhausen, Bern, Zug, Tessin, Schweiz, and Glarus, all offering exceptional experiences at a price.

Additionally, Switzerland is one of the best places to study in Europe as it is near five European nations, opening vast opportunities for career growth.

How to study at the best places to study abroad in Europe 

Edunation has helped many students upgrade their education in one of Europe’s premier destinations – Finland!

Aside from affordable tuition fees and a fast application process, you will truly appreciate all the benefits of living in the countryOnce you graduate, professional stability awaits as Finland needs workers. It is also convenient to be a resident, courtesy of the updated law for international students

To sum it up 

If you are trying to decide what location to choose among the best places to study abroad in Europe, pick the nation offering equality to achieve overall happiness!

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