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Chinese Student in Finland: I Enjoy Finland’s Work Flexibility

Zhenzi, a Chinese young lady has started her journey to Finland three years ago. Let’s see why she chose Finland and how is her life going. How Finland helped her well-being and changed her perspective.

Life here in Finland is not just plainly for work, life here provides quality. The country’s scenery and freedom it offers to each individual is remarkable. Those elements are really important for international students that will establish their life abroad.

Why did you choose to study in Finland?

Every country has its uniqueness. To be honest, before choosing Finland, I have chosen the U.S., Canada, and other European countries. However, because of my health problem, I could only reject Canada’s school offer. After that, I had accepted and studied in Switzerland but only for a half- year because of the workload and pressure, I felt so depressed and lonely. I couldn’t even have time to meet new people. The competition between students there was so fierce. Meanwhile, I have to take care of my body. Thus, I quit and applied to Finnish universities. Finally, I was in Finland.

Indeed, I wanted to try studying abroad. I did not give up. I have applied for Finnish and Swedish universities at that time. However, I accepted the Finnish university study program offer. 

How do you feel about your study journey?

I studied International Master’s Program in Materials Engineering. It is quite useful for my career and I feel more relaxed because of the good teachers and classmates. The campus has complete elements of what the student needs. Finland’s education is world-class! I also enjoy the country’s scenery and the freedom it offers to each individual. Those elements are really important for international students that will establish their life abroad.

Post-grad activities and Finnish work culture

I am now working in a process engineering company here in Finland. I enjoy the working schedules in Finland because it is more flexible and relaxed. My friends who are now working in China need to work over-time usually. It seems like they do not have any holidays excluding weekends. It would be so stressful if I worked in China. Hence, I would like to stay here in Finland. I feel more relaxed here. The Finnish work culture is flexible. I have time for some activities and I can enjoy my hobbies in between. Life here is not just plainly for work. Life here provides quality.

Finland's beauty of nature and weather

Best advice for foreign students cultural adjustment and mental well-being

Please do not force yourself on something that you are unwilling or unable to do because its unhealthy. You can try at the beginning. But if you cannot succeed even you have tried so hard at the end, don’t blame yourself. You are unique! It only means that some aspect does not fit you. So you should explore more and be happy and healthy! Don’t give up.

Do you have any tips for Chinese students about living in Finland?

Bring more sauce for hotpot and Chinese noodles if you are from China! If you live not close to the Asian markets area, you can order Asian food online from different websites, which provide delivery services. You’ll be well adjusted to so many things here, just be open, it just takes time.

Finland's beauty of nature and weather

Winners encountered so many obstacles and refused to give up, it’s hard to work on and easy to say, but wonderfully gratifying. You can find your career path if you want to study abroad. Choose Finland, it’s all worth it!

Photo credit: Zhenzi

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Table of Contents