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Christmas season is here! What to do in Finland?

The Holiday season is here, as December has rolled in! Christmas in a huge part of Finnish culture and a public Holiday on the 24th and the 25th of December, but the celebrations already start in the beginning of December. It is common for Finns to already put up their Christmas trees and lights in early and the city streets light up in Christmas decorations. What does Finland look like during the holiday season?

Visit The FInnish chrisTmas markets

Finnish food culture

The number one thing to do during the Christmas season is visiting the Finnish Christmas markets. Christmas markets all around Finland open by the beginning of December and are open throughout December, depending on where you are. At the Christmas market, you’ll have an opportunity to try out the Finnish Christmas food culture and try traditional delicacies such as “Glögg”, a spiced mulled wine, traditional Nordic winter drink and gingerbread and buy handmade handicrafts from Finnish artisans, like jewellery, clothing, candles, kitchenware, decorations and more. It’s a great opportunity to buy some souvenirs and Christmas presents while supporting local small vendors!

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Helsinki Senate SquarE

Helsinki Senate Square Christmas Market

The Helsinki Senate square Christmas market, “Tuomaan Markkinat” is the oldest and liveliest Christmas market in Finland. Located on the seaside with a view on the Gulf of Finland in the harbour of Helsinki and right at the root of the Helsinki Cathedral makes this Christmas market a popular destination for Finns and tourists alike. Over 300,000 people visit this Christmas Market each year.

The Market offers delicious eating experiences and unique gifts sold by the craftsmen and women themselves as well as a beautiful, warm and relaxed Christmas atmosphere. The heart of the Market is a beloved old-time carousel and a fully-licensed food court where you can try traditional Finnish Christmas flavours like fried vendace and reindeer sausage.

Tampere Traditional Christmas MArket

Finland Christmas Market

Tampere is an old and idyllic but still very modern lakeside city in the central part of Southern Finland. The Christmas Market in the Tampere Central Square offers relaxing moments and a merry atmosphere, performances to raise your holiday spirits and the delicious Doughnut Cafe and the warming Glühwein Restaurant. From 2009 on, vendors from Essen, Germany have brought a touch of central European Christmas atmosphere to Tampere. Now the Christmas Market is even more international, with vendors arriving from Chemnitz as well as from Essen.

Remember to dress for the season!

These two Christmas markets are just two examples of Finnish Christmas markets you can visit, but you can find them all around the country. Remember to dress warmly so you can stay longer, as these outdoor markets will offer you the true Finnish winter experience in the chilly winter weather. It is not a bad idea to visit the public sauna after a round at the market – another traditional winter season activity and an integral part of Finnish culture you can’t miss out on!

Finnish Christmas market decoration
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