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Discovering Finland: Nuuksio National Park 

Studying abroad always demands a leap of faith. Alongside academic subjects, one must also learn the local way of life. Despite the excitement, it may also feel stressful. The goal of our Study Hub program is to make the transition as smooth as possible. Like our online pathway program, it helps build the necessary skills to get into university and that degree.

But Edunation’s Study Hub program is not only about laborious studying. During the program, the students get to visit multiple locations in Helsinki and its surrounding areas to become familiar with not only the academic life but also the environment and culture of Finland.

In this article, I will examine a key feature of Finnish culture: nature.

The Importance of Nature in Finland

Nature is an integral part of Finland and the Finnish way of life. After all, the country is known as the land of a thousand lakes. And it is not only lakes. Did you know that over 75 % of Finland’s land area is covered by forests?

According to a survey, almost all Finns agree that nature plays an important and impactful role in our everyday lives. It provides us with food–like fish, berries, and mushrooms–but also a place of meditation to calm oneself in the midst of everyday hassle. In fact, most of the survey’s answerers emphasized the non-materialistic benefits of spending time in nature. It nourishes our bodies and souls. 

To many, nature also offers livelihood.

The proximity of nature in Finland is admirable. Only an hour away from the city center of the capital city, Helsinki, you can already find yourself in the national park of Nuuksio. It is accessible by public transport and gives a perfect glimpse into the diversity of Finnish nature, which makes it an excellent destination to get to know Finland.

That is why our Study Hub group also did a field trip there!

As said, Nuuksio National Park offers a diverse nature to explore, with its forests, rocky hills, lakes, and wetlands. As a Finn and the tutor of this autumn’s Study Hub program, it was genuinely thrilling to hear our students gasping “WOW!” as we arrived at the top of a hill and the beautiful landscape opened up before us.

Besides being incredibly beautiful, Finland is also clean, as the air quality is among the best in the world. This was noted by the students as well while we were walking in the woods, as the freshness of the air was remarkable.

The views can be shared with pictures, but the freshness of the air is something one must experience themselves. The same goes for the Finnish way of life. So why not make a choice for your lifetime and come to study in Finland?

Edunation – Your partner to a life-changing experience in Finland!

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About the writer

Jonne is a native Finn and an education professional currently operating as a teacher and a tutor in Edunation’s Study Hub program. He also loves to trek and meditate in nature.

Table of Contents