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Edunation’s Official Statement On Russia and Ukraine

Over the past weeks, the world has watched as the Russian government launched a full-scale invasion in Ukraine. We deeply sympathize with those affected by this direct attack on Ukrainian sovereignty, as no person should ever have to experience or witness such a severe violation of human rights and international law.

As global citizens and as a community dedicated to the pursuit of scholarship, we commit ourselves to higher learning for the benefit of everyone. We encourage you to engage in intelligent conversation and practice our ability to freely speak and think with one another—even about the most serious of issues that we are currently facing as a society.

Thousands gathered in Finland to protest against Russia’s attack on Ukraine / Photo by: YLE

As the situation escalates, it is also very important to be diligent when seeking information online. We remind everyone to only trust reliable sources – such as credible, official news outlets like

These are troubling times, and it is natural to feel fear or anxiety about the current situation. However, we must not allow despair to take over our lives. We assure you that Finland is and continues to be the safest country in the world.

Finland is welcoming all international students to join andexperiencethe best education in the world. It is our responsibility to give this opportunity to the global student community despite of the challenges the world is facing at the moment.” – Tuomas Kauppinen, CEO and President of Edunation

Photo by HEIKKI SAUKKOMAA/Lehtikuva/AFP via Getty Images

In line with the Finnish authorities, the conflict in Ukraine does not have any immediate security implications for Finland. Finnish authorities are closely following these developments, and Finland supports Ukraine as part of the European Union.

Edunation, together with the rest of the Finnish higher education community, wants to ensure its students and staff a safe, equal, and undistracted environment. We highly encourage our students who have questions or need assistance with anything to reach out to us.

We continue to pray and hope for peace and return to diplomacy.

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Table of Contents