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Edunation’s Pathway to Finland Spring 2023: Student testimonials and tips for new students!

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Our latest Pathway to Finland took off this January with great success. We at Edunation couldn’t be prouder! Spring 2023 marks the fifth time Edunation’s Pathway to Finland takes place, this time with nearly 300 students from 13 different countries on four different continents.

Edunation’s Pathway to Finland is a preparatory program that helps students, especially those from outside Finland gain access to Finnish higher education. The program lasts for one semester (30 ECTS), and after successful graduation from the program, students will begin degree studies in a pre-selected destination university in the country.

You can learn more about Pathway to Finland from here! Before that, you should hear what our students say about their experiences while participating in the program.


During the program, students will gain knowledge related to their field of study and learn the skills and traits required to do well in a Finnish university. According to students, the program has benefitted them already, even after just five weeks of studies:

“So far, it has been a great experience. I am able to develop my communication skills, and it helps me to polish my mathematical and computer science knowledge.”

Akila Madhushankafrom Sri Lanka

Chanjuan is happy with her decision to choose Edunation for her academic goals!

“Pathway studies have given me an early introduction to university education in Finland. I’ve learned some new things, especially Finnish language and academic writing. “

Chanjuan Daifrom China

In addition to study-related subject knowledge, there are a few important traits students need to have in a Finnish university, such as independence and self-leadership, as students are responsible for their studies.

Long Chau feels confident in her self-study skills through the help of Edunation’s Pathway Program!

““The program has helped me to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to be a future higher education student in Finland. It has helped me effectively to be more confident and more responsible in my self-learning.”

Long Chau

“The program helps me to prepare to become familiar with the Finnish studying style. I learn to manage the time to do [my] homework.”

Arch Promchan from Thailand

How does this sound to you? Now, you can compare our current students’ thoughts to a student of our previous intake, who has already begun their studies in Finland after completing the Pathway program.

Furthermore, Pathway to Finland is a multicultural program. With vast cultural diversity amongst our students, they need to learn how to work together with different cultural backgrounds. This will also greatly benefit them, as the common goal for all of our students is to study in Finland, another cultural environment. Here’s what our students have to say about the topic.

“It is a great opportunity to work with other students and understand their cultures and expectations. [The program] enables opportunity to learn with other students who are from other regions.”

Akila Madhushanka

“The program has helped me understand more about the cultures in the world. Because this [program] has many people worldwide, understanding their cultures is very important. The program has [also] helped me learn how to use and speak Finnish, which is the most important before going to Finland.”

Long Chau

Even with all the cultural diversity, our students have excellent experiences regarding working together with each other.

“Good, my experience was good studying with other students in Pathway.”

Nardeena from Sri Lanka (Pathway Fall 2022 student)

“I think [other students’] personalities are very cheerful and lively, which makes me feel relaxed to get along with them.“

Canyi Zhang
Arch truly enjoys learning with his classmates in the Pathway Program!

“Most students are very active. We co-operate well in team assignments.”

Arch Promchan

Talking about culture, here are some initial thoughts our students have had about Finland. Can you relate?

“Affordability compared to other universities among other countries; breath-taking nature in Finland; happiest country in the world!”

Akila Madhushanka

“The Finnish society is slow-paced with good nature. What I am looking forward to most is that I can discover myself and become more peaceful in Finland.”

Canyi Zhang from China

“Quality of education is excellent, and the universities are very active in organizing a lot of different activities and events for the students.”

Long Chau

As a Finn myself, I can confirm that these initial thoughts very much resemble the truth!


Do these answers pique your interest? Well, we also asked our students, do they have any tips for new Pathway students who are still thinking about whether or not to apply. Here’s what they wish to share:

“The Pathway program is very useful for students before they study in Finland. And almost every student tries their best to complete this [program]. You will probably be very excited and a little nervous at the start of the courses. And that’s normal anxiety. As long as you focus and dedicate to studying for about 3 hours a day, learning will become simpler. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or stressed by your studies, forget about it for a while, and relax with friends or family to recharge your batteries. When you feel better, start studying again.”

Long Chau

“Do not take the Pathway as a burden. Do activities and assignments on time. Do not wait ‘till last moment.”

Akila Madhushanka
International learners enjoy studying in Finland, the happiest country in the world!

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Let’s recap! Edunation’s Pathway to Finland prepares students for studies in a Finnish university. According to the students, it has helped them gain more knowledge and develop the necessary skills and qualities for higher education studies abroad.

Students enjoy their journey while taking this courageous leap of faith as they aim to become one of the many international students in Finland. Who knows, this could also be you!

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Jonne is a native Finn studying for a Master’s in Education at the University of Turku in Finland. He’s passionate about global learning opportunities, intercultural communication, and international mobility.

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