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Engineering & Technology Universities in Finland: A Path to Success and Innovation

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Let’s talk about engineering & technology universities in Finland!

There are definitely not many unimportant jobs in the world, but we can agree that with all the technology, engineering, in general, is in high demand now and in the future.

In one way or another, engineers work on innovations to improve societies and the world overall. For example, recently, in Finland, engineers have made a lot of innovations regarding sustainability to fight climate change.

Are you interested in technology and innovations? Have you ever thought about studying abroad? I have good news since you could do both in Finland!

Today, we will introduce the advantages of engineering & technology universities in Finland. What makes the country the perfect place to learn?

More importantly, we will feature the top 10 engineering & technology universities in Finland! Continue reading, and let us help you decide which one to pick.

Expect innovative learning facilities when you study engineering and technology in Finland!

Why study Engineering & Technology in Finland?

Are you curious about what’s it like to live in the world’s happiest country – Finland? Below are the reasons you should choose to live and study engineering & technology in the country.

engineering & technology universities in Finland
Finland is a modern nation that produces important innovations enjoyed worldwide!

One of the world’s most innovative countries

Finns are generally practical people, and this shows! Over the years, they have developed many beneficial solutions courtesy of talents from engineering & technology universities in Finland.

Many have probably heard of or even had a Nokia mobile phone. Yes, Nokia is from Finland. But did you know that so is the technology for text messaging? And the heart rate monitor. And the electric sail for space travel? Of course, the traditional Finnish sauna to fight off the coldness of Finnish winter. But these are just a few examples.

According to Global Innovation Index 2022, Finland is the 9th most innovative country globally and 6th in Europe alone. The nation is a pioneer of innovation in many different industries, courtesy of engineering & technology universities in Finland. 

Furthermore, the country has recently made considerable advances in sustainable technology development. This effort generates explicitly a lot of opportunities for people to create new inventions to make the world a bit better.

Finland also hosts an annual tech and start-up event called Slush, which gathers businesses and investors worldwide. It is an excellent opportunity for collaboration for all parties involved, from students from engineering & technology universities in Finland to innovative start-ups to multinational megacorporations.

It’s common for Finns to spend a lot of time in nature to relax!

Happier life in the woods

Finland has been the world’s happiest country for countless years. This acknowledgment is from the general standard of living, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, generosity, and social corruption. Generally speaking, life in Finland is peaceful and less stressful than in many other places. The public can certainly trust the authorities, and society is stable and safe.

There are undoubtedly many reasons for Finland to rank as the happiest country. One of these is the proximity of nature. More than 75% of the land area is covered with forests and blessed with over 150 000 lakes. Finland is famous as a country with thousands of lakes.

Additionally, it’s common for Finns to spend a lot of time amongst nature. It’s scientifically proven that even a brief walk through a forest reduces stress and anxiety.

Generally speaking, Finnish people are direct but also open-minded and kind. Many Finns speak excellent English, so foreigners will quickly get by. Especially the more prominent cities can offer a vibrant life, but you can find lots of things to do in the countryside by exploring that beautiful nature.

Finland welcomes international students to take part in innovative efforts in the country!

Top 10 Engineering & Technology Universities In Finland

1. Metropolia University of Applied Science

Located in the capital city area, Metropolia UAS is certainly the largest and most international University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

It is a multidisciplinary higher education institute and one of the most established engineering & technology universities in Finland. It offers a wide range of Technology and Engineering related degree studies in English, like Information Technology and Industrial Management.

Metropolia UAS embarked on a journey to make a difference in the world through learning, expertise, insight, and creativity.

2. Novia University of Applied Sciences

Did you know that Swedish is the second national language in Finland? Novia UAS is Finland’s largest Swedish-speaking University of Applied Sciences. It also provides equally high-class and multidisciplinary education for international students in English. As Novia UAS is in the cities along Western Finland’s coastline, they specialize in Maritime Engineering and Technology.

3. Kajaani University of Applied Science

Located in the northern city of Kajaani, KAMK has excelled nationally and globally in different rankings and barometers.

It is a respected international learning institution with a strong reputation for being visionary and genuine. While KAMK doesn’t precisely focus on Engineering, it offers an exciting and one-of-a-kind Master level Engineering program in Game Business Management.

4. ARCADA University of Applied Science

ARCADA is a University of Applied Sciences located in the capital city of Finland, Helsinki. It ranked as the nation’s best University of Applied Science in 2017.

It is one of the most qualified engineering & technology universities in Finland that provides a Bachelor’s degree program in Mechanical and Sustainable Engineering and a Master’s degree program in Data Analytics.

5. Turku University of Applied Sciences

As Finland’s oldest city and the first city in Finland to host a university, Turku is a natural choice for many students. Turku UAS has the largest campus in Finland, where a diverse set of innovative studies and students meet – including those of Engineering and Technology.

Turku UAS is one of the best engineering & technology universities in Finland that offers Energy and Environment Technology, Industrial Management, and Communication Technology.

6. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

Satakunta University of Applied Science, or SAMK, located in Southwest Finland, enjoys an exceptionally high after-studies employment rate. Based on student feedback, it is also one of the best Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland.

SAMK offers Bachelor level Engineering programs in Artificial Intelligence and Mechatronics. They also have Master level Engineering programs in Maritime Engineering.

7. Lapland University of Applied Science

Alongside Lapland University, Lapland UAS is the northernmost higher education institute of the European Union, located in Rovaniemi. This learning institution certainly provides a unique opportunity to study in such a tremendous environment of the northern region of Finland, with its beautiful Arctic nature that has been incorporated into every detail of life and learning in Lapland UAS.

It is one the best engineering & technology universities in Finland that offers Bachelor’s degree studies in Machine Learning and Data Engineering. According to research conducted in 2020, Lapland UAS is Finland’s third-best University of Applied Science.

8. Tampere University & Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Tampere University (TUNI) and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) are both higher education institutes located in the dynamic city of Tampere. It equally offers various high-quality degree studies in Engineering and Technology in English, for example, Software Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

Both universities have solid international profiles and collaborate closely with Finland’s business world. Tampere University is also ranked #415 in the Global QS ranking of universities. I should also mention that Tampere is generally one of the most popular cities amongst students, and every 5th citizen of Tampere is a student!

9. . Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology

More commonly known as LUT University, it is located in Lahti and Lappeenranta. LUT University is certainly one of the topnotch engineering & technology universities in Finland that provides master’s degree programs in English in Engineering and Technology, Environmental Technology, and Industrial Engineering.

According to Times Higher Education ranking, LUT University specifically ranks globally as the 9th best university regarding climate action. Additionally, it is one of the top 400 universities in the world, with a Global QS ranking of #388 this year.

10. Aalto University

Aalto University – located in Espoo – carries the name of a famous Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto. Like him, Aalto University is surely innovative and daring.

It is one of the most exceptional engineering & technology universities in Finland that offers a wide range of top-quality Master’s degree studies related to Technology in English. It also provides Bachelor’s degree programs in Computational Engineering.

Additionally, Aalto University’s Global QS ranking amongst universities is #116, which almost makes it one of the top 100 universities in the world!

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To sum it up

To be frank, it doesn’t matter too much where you would study Engineering and Technology in Finland, as all the providers are top-notch universities in teaching and learning, with modern methods and facilities. What matters more is what exactly you want to study. These programs mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg regarding possibilities in Finland.

As an innovative and technology-oriented country, career prospects are excellent in Finland for engineers, whether you work as an employee or develop your own business. As mentioned earlier, Finland has made many advances in sustainable technology, generating new possibilities for more innovations!

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Additionally, we offer Finnish language courses to help you live and study in the country. You will surely enjoy our interactive classes!

About the writer

Jonne is a native Finn studying for a Master’s in Education at the University of Turku in Finland. He’s passionate about global learning opportunities, intercultural communication, and international mobility.

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