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Exciting news: Edunation is now part of the Keystone Education Group!

We are thrilled to announce that, as of now, Edunation is part of Keystone Education Group (”Keystone”). A global leader in student search, Keystone, acquired Edunation on Friday, March 22nd, 2024.

With this acquisition, we will gain access to new markets in Europe and beyond. Moreover, it brings us significant synergies with our Nordic partners, enabling us to guide even more students towards their study and career dreams in the world’s happiest countries. 

Keystone Education group and Edunation’s Shared Commitment to Student Success

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Keystone has more than 800 employees spread across 15 countries around the globe. Attracting more than 120 million students annually, Keystone is the leading online resource for people seeking the best educational path for them.

Additionally, Keystone assists over 5500 educational institutions in reaching, recruiting and enrolling prospective students across more than 190 countries through 500+ student websites. Keystone will assist students in the world’s happiest nation in pursuing their dreams with Edunation’s assistance. 

Keystone with Edunation

“We are thrilled about the prospect of joining forces with Keystone to accelerate our growth initiatives and establish ourselves as the premier education provider not only in Finland but also across the Nordic region and beyond. Keystone stands as one of the leading entities in the European education sector, and the synergies derived from this partnership will undoubtedly strengthen our core operations, enabling us to deliver high-quality educational experiences for our students.

With shared Nordic values binding us with Keystone, I am confident that this collaboration represents the optimal opportunity for our company and our dedicated team for career growth and accelerates our hiring as we keep growing faster. Eventually, together with our stakeholders, we can achieve new heights by maintaining the same entrepreneurial mindset we have always had,”

remarked Tuomas Kauppinen, CEO of Edunation
Edunation with Keystone
Nursing-group from TAMK 2022

Edunation will keep helping students reach their professional goals by helping them get a world-class education and job abroad. We are also committed to providing the best possible solutions to our customers all around the world. 

Susanne and Harri Suominen, two of our three cofounders, stated the following: 

“We are thrilled to be joining industry-leader Keystone Education Group, a momentous milestone in our company’s journey. Since our establishment, Edunation has been committed to revolutionizing international student recruitment, guided by a vision of creating pathways for students worldwide to access high-quality education opportunities in the Nordics. 

Through this strategic partnership, we will be able to leverage the extensive resources, expertise, and network of Keystone Education Group to further elevate our services and offerings to students, educational institutions, and partners throughout the Nordics and beyond. We are excited to welcome more international talents to the happiest countries in the world together!” 

A group photo from our last team day in the Philippines

Join Our Journey: Opportunities for Career Advancement Abroad

Headquartered in Tampere, with additional teams in Helsinki, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia, Edunation boasts a team of over 40 education professionals. With this acquisition, Edunation will have a wider network of talented and committed colleagues working towards a better future for all.

Are you interested in furthering your career dreams abroad? Or would you like to collaborate with us with us in this journey to success? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to discuss more with you!

Table of Contents