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Expats Recommend Finnish Education

Based on the survey results conducted by InterNations, the world’s largest network for people who live and work abroad, Finland now makes it to the top in the Family Life Index, while last year’s number one, Austria, drops down to the fourth rank.

The Family Life index includes the quality of education available to expat families looking to give their children the best start in life. The quality of education in the countries listed below is based on the findings by InterNations.

#10 Australia 

“Education is deemed easy to afford by 64% of expats, compared to 45% globally. The quality of education is also appreciated by an impressive 84% of respondents.”

Sydney Opera House


#9 The Netherlands

Finding the right school is a big decision for expat families, but there are various public and private options, and expats don’t need to be concerned when it comes to the standard of education in the Netherlands.

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Colorful Houseboats and old buildings in Jordaan

#8 Taiwan

The Quality of Education comes in a respectable eighth. “Life in Taiwan seems to be rather inexpensive as well, as it ranks third in the Cost of Living Index.”

Skyscraper, city view


#7 Belgium

This year, a third of expat parents find the quality of education in Belgium very good. Last year, it was just about one-sixth. 

Grand palace, city view, city lights

#6 Israel

The quality of education is considered favorably by the majority of expat parents in Israel (84%)

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#5 Hong Kong

The quality of education is top notch, but Hong Kong is in the bottom three for both the availability of education and cost.

City view, skyscrapers, HK Asia

#4 South Korea

“47% of expat parents in South Korea rate the quality of education as excellent this year compared to just 22% last year.”

Palace in Seoul, colorful designs and pillars

#3 Switzerland

According to expat families, the quality of education is among the best in the world.

City lights and museum mirroring the lake


#2 Singapore

The living and education cost of Singapore are extremely high, but “53% of expat parents also rate the quality of education as excellent.”

Marina bay sands hotel, Singapore view


#1 Finland

The top country for expat education, 70% say the quality of education to be excellent in Finland, compared to the global average of just 21%.

Cottage and northern lights, winter time Finland

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