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Exploring Finland: A Heartwarming Journey Through Its People and Educational System

As three Filipinas, we embarked on a business trip to Finland, having yet to learn what to expect from this cold and faraway land. Little did we know that this trip would be one of the most heartwarming experiences of our lives. Our journey to Finland was an eye-opening experience in which we learned about the Finnish way of life, educational system, and culture. The knowledge we gained on this journey has had a lasting impact on our perspectives as managers, allowing us to enhance our approaches professionally and toward our students.

In this blog, we’d like to talk about the things that we learned and the impressions this had on us during our trip to Finland.

Account Manager Lhove Mahilum, Admin Manager CA Giron, and Program Manager Keezzia Catayoc

Meeting Edunation Students who are already studying at the University

Meeting the Edunation students already studying in the universities in Finland was a highlight of our trip. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to connect with them and gain valuable insights into their experiences. The warmth, friendliness, and openness they displayed toward us were heartwarming. We were impressed by their positive attitude toward their studies and eagerness to share their experiences.

With Finland’s educational system encouraging students to take charge of their studies, we were better able to see the significance of having high levels of self-motivation, independence, and self-discipline. The students we spoke with were ecstatic about the academic rigor and opportunity for hands-on experience in their respective fields. Language hurdles, cultural differences, and the demands of adjusting to a new setting were among the challenges they talked about.

We developed a better awareness of the necessity of providing an inviting atmosphere for international students as a result of our interactions with these students. Giving them access to counseling services and academic and social support systems is essential, including language classes and programs for integrating different cultures. Seeing how well-adjusted and happy the Edunation students were made us realize that our managers are responsible for ensuring that our students have the skills and resources they need to excel in their academic pursuits. Meeting the Edunation students was a humbling and inspiring experience we will never forget.

with Business Development Manager Athi Radhakrishnan, Partnership Specialist Anna Vekka, and Strategy Manager Bettina Westerholm

Way of Life and educational system in Finland

Our trip to Finland introduced us to a new world of culture and education. We couldn’t help but be in awe of the Finnish people’s passion and respect for nature and their extraordinarily outstanding way of life. We noticed well-kept green spaces everywhere we went, even amid busy cities. Seeing a community that prioritized sustainability and the environment was inspirational, and we felt a renewed sense of responsibility to preserve the earth.

The Finnish educational system was another thing that struck us. We were utterly astonished by their emphasis on creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Discovering that the education system stressed practical skills rather than rote learning was excellent. The project-based learning approach and emphasis on teamwork were novel and may help students in the long run. The Finnish school system produces well-rounded individuals equipped to confront future problems.

Unique Charms of Finland

During our visit to Finland, one of the things that particularly caught our attention was their first-rate transportation system. During our journey to Finland, one of the things that jumped out to us was their fantastic transit system. It was easy to move from one city to the next, and the country is very walkable, making it easier for travelers to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. We also felt safe during our travels; the water is immaculate. Drinking tap water is a daily privilege for Finns, and we were amazed as tourists at how fortunate we were to have tried their refreshing water. Finland’s tap water is among the world’s greatest, completely safe, and tasty. Tap water in Finland is significantly cleaner than bottled water, which is a testament to the country’s commitment to sustainability.

Apart from witnessing Finland’s unique way of life, we were privileged to see the ice hockey tournament and cheer on the Tappara team as they won! The stadium was electrifying, and we could sense the Finnish people’s pride and commitment to their sports teams. We will always be grateful for having had such an incredible time.

As managers, we recognize the importance of providing academic support and a safe and comfortable atmosphere for our students. International students favor Finland for some reasons, including its safe environment, efficient transit system, and clean water supply.

with Edunation’s CSO Harri Suominen, Customer Success Specialist Vili Varta, and Customer Success Associate Vasa Korotkova


Our trip to Finland was unforgettable. We were touched by the kindness and warmth of the Finnish people and inspired by their values of equality, sustainability, and well-being reflected in their way of life. We also gained a deeper understanding of the Finnish educational system, prioritizing creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to provide practical learning for real-world situations. Our visit to the universities and meeting with Edunation students gave us valuable insights to apply to our careers as managers. Finland is a unique destination offering a world-class education and a heartwarming cultural experience. We highly recommend studying in Finland for its world-class education system and the individual and heartwarming cultural experience it provides.

About the writers

Keezia is a passionate program manager for Pathway to Finland, CA is the Admin Manager, and Lhove is an account manager for Edunation.

All are devoted to helping international students have a life-changing experience upon enrollment in the happiest country in the world, Finland!

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