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Feedback from our Fall 2021 Pathway students!

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Pathway to Finland Autumn 2021 students have finished their orientation week and pathway studies are in full swing! Our pathway students are currently focusing on their Pathway study courses in Business, Nursing and Engineering & Technology and preparing for starting their journey to Finland. In 2022 they will progress to their chosen Finnish university.

Student feedback

What do the students have to say about the start of their Pathway studies? Over 40 students from 16 different countries attended the orientation week via Zoom. We asked the students to give us feedback on their first week in the programme and all of them were happy to respond! Based on the feedback, the Pathway students are excited and highly motivated to complete the Pathway programme and to progress to a Finnish university during the next year.

“Now I am excited to start this important journey and I really want to succeed in all my classes”

The students found the orientation week well structured and useful, and felt welcomed and included in the programme.

“Really impressed about the education system in Finland!!! Got to communicate with so many new faces and the best part is that we got all the information beforehand.”

“The good, detailed, information is the most valuable part of the orientation week.”

During the orientation week, the students received information about life and studying in Finland, the process to the progress university after the Pathway programme and getting the student residence permit to Finland. We asked the students how they are feeling about the start of their studies after the orientation week, and they responded with excitement and a hint of nervousness.

“The good, detailed, information is the most valuable part of the orientation week.”

“It is exciting to know there are a lot of things to learn and to experience on this journey. I feel more confident to ace this pathway programme after getting all the assurance and help from our teachers.”

They also got to meet and get to know their fellow students. The students will be working together for the upcoming months on tasks and group assignments and they will be helping each other out on their journey to Finland.

“I am so excited to befriend people from all around the world!”

“Introduction session is such a valuable part of last week. Getting to know other students and their goals motivated me a lot.”

Student feedback is the most valuable tool we have and we are always happy to hear directly from our students!

Applications for the Pathway to Finland’s February 2022 intake are now open!

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