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Become a Nurse in Finland

In Finland, nursing is a profession that is on high demand, the reasons for this include the constant need for Nurses, and especially the current situation at elderly homes all over the country.

As a nurse in Finland, you will work in a respected profession with customers of different ages, supporting their health and well-being, as well as treating their sickness. You will have the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary, cross-occupational, national and international environments. Nursing students in Finland will gain competences based on ethical principles, comprehensive and multidisciplinary knowledge, practical skills and interaction skills.

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Bachelor of Health Care in Nursing degree programs at Edunation

Currently, at Edunation, you have two options of Bachelor of Health Care in Nursing to choose from: at Metropolia and at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK).

At Metropolia, in the Degree Programme in Nursing, you will study in English in a multicultural student group. Metropolia has more than 20 years of experience in educating nurses in English language.

The multicultural and international study group will provide an enriching “cultural immersion”. Lecturers at Metropolia are experienced in education of different field of nursing, possessing versatile international and multicultural expertise in nursing.

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The studies consist of basic studies, professional studies, elective studies, a Bachelor’s thesis and supervised clinical practices. Metropolia focuses on evidence-based clinical nursing where students can empower their clinical skills required in future profession. Before clinical practices students will have the chance to practice their practical skills in clinical laboratories, simulated learning environments with diverse methods and modern equipment.

At SAMK, the studies also take place in English in a multicultural group of students in close cooperation with Nursing settings and health care agencies.

Emphasis on practical training

The Bachelor of Health Care in Nursing at Metropolia Practical training is generally carried out in public hospitals either in primary health care or specialised nursing.

Some courses are organized in cooperation with working life also in the private and third sectors, for example in organizations.

Opportunities for international exchange

Studying Nursing in Finland means you have endless opportunities to explore the world and build up your studies at the same time. Metropolia offers extensive opportunities for international student exchange. Students can complete a part of their clinical practices and theoretical studies abroad in Europe, Africa and Asia, and also in Canada. Students can also take part in Metropolia’s international activities in various ways, for example by attending international intensive courses or participating in different international projects.

At SAMK, students from Nursing degree programs are also encouraged to leave for international exchange.

Nurses have good employment and further education opportunities

After graduation students will possess a nurse’s qualification in accordance with EU directives to work in any nursing area. The degree is valid around the world. Finnish nursing education has very high standards compared to other countries.

There is a skill shortage of nursing experts in Finland and so new nurses in the workforce are always needed. Education in Nursing will open up excellent job opportunities both in Finland and abroad.

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A Nursing graduate may work in a hospital, home nursing, various rehabilitation and nursing homes or medical centers. In addition, the nurse’s degree will enable graduates to work as experts or consultants, at different workplace environments, from non-profit organisations to international corporations.

In Finland, the core of your work as a Nurse is to guide, support, care and rehabilitate people with different illnesses in cooperation with other health care professionals and patients’ family. Your job also includes teaching, planning, development project, general management, and various expert tasks.

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Written by Sophie Nguyen, Coordinator at Edunation.

Table of Contents