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Best Beaches in Finland You Should Visit This Summer

Summer has arrived. It is time again to spend some time on the beaches with friends and family. We have listed some of the popular beaches in Finland for you to visit!

Yyteri Beach

Yyteri is Finland’s longest beach, which stretches to four miles on the western Baltic shore. The beach itself is clean, white sand, and known for its beautiful sand dunes. There are many events and gatherings hosted on the beach throughout the summer and other attractions such as spas and golf courses. It is one of the country’s most popular leisure destinations in the summertime. Part of Yyteri beach is one of the nude beaches in Finland.

People enjoying a summer day at a beach in Finland

Yyteri beach

Nallikari Beach

Nallikari beach is a one-kilometer-long beach in Oulu. During summertime, the beach is crowded with roller skaters, athletes, cyclists, beach volleyball, and football players. There are three volleyball courts, a beach football field, a playground for children, and gym equipment. All of these are free for visitors. More information on what to see in Oulu can be found here.

Sunset at a beach in Finland
Nallikari Beach

Hietaniemi beach

This beach, also called “Hietsu” by the locals, is probably the most popular beach in Helsinki. It has lots of sand and beach amenities, even if you didn’t pack all the beach gear in your suitcase. Just like the previous beaches mentioned, it is a great place to play beach volleyball. It even hosts a beach volleyball tournament annually. Note: this isn’t a natural beach. At the beginning of the 20th century, this area was being used as a landfill and was converted into sand storage.

Sunset at a beach
Hietaniemi beach


Suomenlinna, which means “Castle of Finland” is an island near Helsinki.  The fortress is also a UNESCO World Heritage site with an interesting history. It was built in 1748 to protect Sweden against Russia. Suomenlinna has more than this fortress; it also has a tiny beach. To be completely honest, don’t just go here mainly for the beach – because as a beach it is quite small.

A beach in Suomenlinna, Finland
One of Suomenlinna’s beaches

Now you know about some of the best beaches in Finland, it is time to truly enjoy your summer. Go with your friends and family and enjoy the sun!

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Table of Contents