Finnish education system: the best in the world

The Finnish education system is known to be one the best in the world. Finland wants to offer an education system that offers equal opportunities for education to all. It’s a safe, modern and equal country with a great global reputation and high living standards. Finland is one of the most stable, innovative and most educated countries in the world. It also consistently ranks as the happiest country in the world!


What makes finnish education the best?

Education in Finland focuses on lifelong and personalized learning. The system is built on good quality of universal education and inclusivity. Students are provided with essential life skills and core knowledge of basic discipline but this does not mean that there is no freedom. Students are given liberty to experiment and explore too.

Finland has been called the best country in the world for higher education. Universities in Finland are highly respected and a degree from a Finnish university can open many doors for a student. Higher Education in Finland is also more affordable than in many other countries. Finnish students can get a degree free of charge and students outside of EU/EEA will pay reasonable tuition fees.

Key pilars in finnish education:

  • Highly trained teachers
  • Focus on learning not testing
  • No ranking
  • Co-operation
  • Education as a priority

Higher education in finland

Finland has two types of higher education institutions: universities of applied sciences and research universities. Universities of applied sciences focus on pragmatic education that will respond to working life needs. Research universities are based more on scientific research and education.

The education system is very much based on trust and responsibility. Studies in Finnish universities are very independent. Students are responsible for creating their own study plan. They are also given flexibility to choose the rate and style of studies.

For international students

There are over 500 English-taught bachelor’s and master’s programs in Finland. This is one reason why over 20 000 international students join Finnish universities yearly. All of the universities also offer scholarship opportunities for students outside the EU/EEA.

Study in finland

With the help of Edunation you have the opportunity to study in Finland and experience the world’s best education system. Edunation has many partner universities that are accepting students from all over the world. Find a suitable program for you and apply now!


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