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First week of Pathway Diploma 2021

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Pathway Diploma 2021 students are now studying their courses this spring!

Orientation to Studies

The Pathway Diploma is a new journey for the students, so it is needed to have a proper introduction. The first week began with an orientation session. Edunation hosted this session on Monday 15th of March. Here, students were able to meet Ida, the program coordinator. She will be helping the students during the Pathway program!

Also, the tutors and Edunation staff came to say hello to the Pathway Diploma 2021 students. Here we talked about the upcoming weeks and what to expect when studying. Furthermore, we talked about cool and interesting facts from Finland. There were also fun activities, like a Kahoot quiz and group discussions where we all got to know each other. It was great to see everyone there!

the learning platform for Pathway Diploma 2021 students
The learning platform of Pathway Diploma


In the first week, the new students also got to know their teachers! Then, everyone learned more about the courses and what they will be studying. There are many interesting courses, such as Mathematics, English Reading and Writing, and Intercultural Communication. Students got to know how to prepare for these courses, and how to effectively use online tools. By logging in to the platform, you can read and do homework and other assignments. Students can also send a message to the teachers and tutors if they need help! It is really simple and flexible to study remotely this way!

Apply now!

Are you interested in learning more about our Edunation Pathway Diploma Program? Feel free to book a counseling session with us. The next program will start in September 2021, and you will get guaranteed admission to one of our partner universities in Finland. Without entrance exams! You can leave an application here!

Table of Contents