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From Egypt to Finland: An Engineer’s Dream Takes Flight with Study Hub

Study Hub in Finland: Anas

Interview with our international student

Are you once a dreamer who wants to study abroad, especially in a land of innovation, breathtaking scenery, and top-ranked education? Meet Anas, also once a dreamer and an engineer from Egypt who moved away from the Nile for the Finnish mountains to follow his academic dreams through the Study Hub.

In this blog, Anas will share his motivations for choosing Finland, the challenges he faced during his journey through the application process, and how Study Hub’s program helped him make a smooth transition to his new life. 

Why Finland?

Finland consistently tops global education, particularly in technical fields. Finland’s reputation for excellence and the innovative tech sector drew Anas’s attention immediately. 

He said, “Finland is a leading country in education, especially in the engineering and technical field. They are known for mobile phone technology, and that’s what really got me interested.” 

He also wants to highlight the value of the University of Applied Sciences‘ hands-on learning approach over traditional academic institutions and said, “I see this as a long-term investment for myself and my children.”

You Are Never Alone with Edunation

As we all know, applying to universities in a new country can be very challenging. Given the complexities of its requirements and joint application processes, which almost discouraged Anas from applying alone,

“It was extremely tough to spend time understanding how it works,” he admits. “There is no guidance; there is no one to support you.” Thankfully, Anas discovered Edunation’s Study Hub. 

Anas, Study Hub Student

But Edunation’s Pathway to Finland team provided him with the support he needed, offering continuous support, quick responses, and detailed information. The team always provides clear communication and meticulous attention to detail to make sure Anas’ documents are in order and complete,

“The Edunation website also offered valuable information about studying and living in Finland,” Anas adds, highlighting the additional resources that made Edunation an invaluable asset.

First Impressions of Finland: Personal Space, Liquorice, and Diverse Delights

One of the things that stuck with Anas when he entered a new culture in Finland was the people’s respect for personal space. 

“Here, everyone respects others’ space and privacy, but this doesn’t mean that no one is connecting. A couple of times when I traveled to the university with the metro, I still had a small chit-chat with the person next to me, and it was a nice place to live,” he observes.

Anas, Study Hub Student

To some, this cultural difference may be a surprise, but to Anas, it is a point of appreciation.

Another fun encounter he found here in Finland was that one of the most famous sweets is liqourice, which he didn’t find in any other place or in Egypt.  

Also, part of his challenge was looking for proper food since he is a Muslim, but Anas discovered that there are a lot of options in Helsinki. Finland has a more practical perk: the abundance of food options. This includes Halal choices that perfectly suit him and any food for your diet options. 

Study Hub: Anas

Interview with Study Hub student

“There are a lot of options in Helsinki, and it’s easy to find food for everyone, for every diet. Life is easy; it is not complicated,” he assures.

Beyond practicality, Anas found himself drawn to the Finnish way of life. “In Finland, there is a system to everything,” he observes. 

This sense of order and structure resonated with him. Looking towards the future, Anas’ dreams extend far beyond his bachelor’s degree. He aspires to pursue a master’s degree in information analytics and eventually build a career in Finland.

“After finishing my bachelor’s, I want to have my master’s in information analytics because it is relevant. My dream is not a dream; it is a plan. I will have a career in Finland. I am planning to stay in Finland forever,” he added.

Study Hub: A Stepping Stone to Success

It’s overwhelming to start a new chapter in a foreign country, right? However, Anas expressed his appreciation for the support of our Study Hub’s program. 

Because this pre-university program provided him with a structured introduction to Finnish education and its culture, which made his transition smoother.

The program also offered Anas practical Finnish language learning, where he had some grammar drills. “The language needs interaction; some words are not just translations; you have to act,” Anas highlights, and he also mentions the fun minigames that helped him understand Finnish and navigate everyday situations. 

“On my first day, I was a little bit nervous,” Anas admits. “But then I started making friends. Well, let’s say family, it’s not just friends; you face all the things together.” This sense of belonging, camaraderie, and supportive environment in the Study Hub proved invaluable throughout his experience.

Anas, Study Hub Student

Your Dream Awaits! Start Your Finnish Adventure with Study Hub

Here, Anas’ story is proof of the transformative power of education and the importance of finding the right support system. If you are also a dreamer, aspiring to study abroad, especially in a land of innovation and an excellent education system, feel free to choose and study with our Study Hub.

Our comprehensive program offers the guidance and support you need to navigate the application process, handle the language barrier well, and live Finnish life. Just like Anas, you can fulfill your educational aspirations today!

Visit the Edunation’s Study Hub website or book a counseling session to learn more about Edunation’s programs and how we can support you in achieving your academic goals in Finland. Don’t wait, your future awaits.

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