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Get to know Turku University of Applied Sciences

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Become a next generation cybersecurity expert and apply to study Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at  Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS). Studies at TUAS are working life oriented combining theoretical studies with professional skills and practices. TUAS pays a lot of attention to learning, and they have developed their own approach called Innovation Pedagogy. The approach aims to respond better to the needs of employers and the labor market while putting a heavy emphasis on research, development and innovation (RDI).

Two students sitting in the lounge are of TUAS iot campus in Salo


  • ICT experts are high in demand globally. At TUAS, you can major in cybersecurity and IoTand complement your degree with business and management studies.
  • TUAS ICT graduates have 100 % employability rate within one year of graduation.
  • Students get to practice working life with real customers in real ICT projects.
  • Teaching takes place on the Salo IoT Campus which is a community of students, professors, researchers and more than 100 ICTcompanies under the same roof– getting an internship has never been easier!
  • Despite its close location to major cities like Helsinki and Turku, Salo has student-friendly living costs compared to other cities in Finland
  • TUAS is one of the top universities in applied research in Finland with innovative pedagogy and over 200 RDI projects per year.

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TUAS students sitting around a table on campus doing a project in Finland


TUAS is located in the southwestern part of Finland with campuses in two cities, Turku and Salo. It is the largest university of applied sciences in Finland, with about 9000 students and 700 members of staff.

Salo city is a 30-minute train ride from Turku and a one-hour train ride from the capital Helsinki. Salo has a well established business life and long traditions in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Salo IoT campus is the place where the bachelor’s degree program in Information and Communications Technology will take place and it islocated close to the city centre. There are many services available for students:

  • Tutor teachers and student buddies
  • International staff on campus
  • Library & online library
  • Health services
  • Affordable student lunches
  • Free time activity groups and campus sports with 24/7 gym
Salo iot campus from the outside


Thebachelor’s degree program in Information and Communications Technologyprovidesstudents with the skills and knowledge needed to manage, operate and protect applications and computer systems from cyber security threats in the digital environment.

Students can study subjects such asprogramming, information systems, cyber security operations, and data networks. In addition, theywill be familiar with technologies such asInternet of Things (IoT) and 5G. Students can also pick minor studies in business and management.

A cyber security engineering graduate has a wide and practice orientedfundamental knowledge and skills. In addition to becoming ICT experts, the studies will strengthen students’language andcommunication skills, and prepare them for working in an international environment.


Apply through the Edunation application portal and follow the instructions there. The admissions requirements are the following:

  • Copy of the final/official secondary school certificate or vocational qualification which gives eligibility for higher education studies in your own country
  • Transcript of records
  • Copy of passport ID pageOR official ID card indicating the nationality
  • English language test scoreOR motivation video


  • 11 850 € / year. Apply and pay tuition fee before March 31stand get a 850 EUR discount!

The application process is fast and simple. Students are accepted on a first come, first served basis which means that if you meet the admission requirements, you can get your acceptance in 3 weeks.


Accommodation is guaranteed for students. There are two affordable options available for international students and both are quite near the campus:

  • Pii Hotel:It is very close to the campus (650 m) and the rooms are furnished (TV set, fully equipped kitchenette and shower room). Prices are from 250 to 320 EUR/person. All utilities are included.
  • Apartments Ella:Situated 2.7 kilometers from campus and only 1 kilometer from the market square. It offers apartments for 2 persons, with separate bedrooms, kitchenette, living room and shower room. Total 600 EUR/month/person.


TUAS ICT graduates have 100% employability rate within one year of graduation. Typical entry-level positions of cyber security engineering graduates include technology orientedSystem Administrator, System Tester and Information Security Managerand business and management oriented positions in management, marketing, technical salesand purchase functions.

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