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Get To Know Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Edunation’s new partner Karelia University of Applied Sciences, or Karelia UAS, certainly offers high-quality, practice-orientated bachelor’s level programs in English through our Pathway to Finland program.

This learning institution is an excellent option for international students who want to become future experts in their chosen fields. You will surely enjoy its modern learning facilities found in an inspiring environment where nature flourishes.

Today, we will introduce you to Karelia University of Applied Sciences. We also included fun and leisure activities to do in Joensuu, the location of Karelia UAS.

Why must international students choose Edunation Pathway to Finland?

The Pathway to Finland program by Edunation assists your admission to undergraduate studies in the country. It will help you prepare for higher education studies and reach the required skill level. After completing the program, you will certainly have guaranteed access to Karelia University of Applied Sciences and other major universities in Finland.

Welcome to Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Karelia UAS is a multidisciplinary, widely connected, international, and innovative organization offering high-quality education in Joensuu, Finland. You will gain the right tools and the positive attitude to evolve into a highly skilled professional. Additionally, the university collaborates closely with local businesses and other educational institutes.

Karelia UAS’ values of responsibility, pioneering spirit, and working life orientation are evident in their activities. Goal-oriented learning and the continuous development of expertise are at the core of the university’s teaching.

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Karelia University of Applied Sciences
Karelia University of Applied Sciences is one of the best universities for international students

apply to Karelia university of Applied Sciences if you want to:

  • Find a job quickly. Students at Karelia UAS will learn the most relevant and valuable skills employers seek.
  • Study with ease. Students at Karelia UAS are guided throughout their studies by highly qualified professionals.
  • Be part of a community. Karelia UAS is a communal study place where the well-being of students is essential. Study groups are conveniently sized, and learning techniques are versatile.
  • Do your job placement in Finland or abroad. Karelia UAS has more than 100 Finnish and 200 international business partners, guaranteeing engaging on-the-job learning.
  • Utilize your already existing skills. Your previous studies and other skills are valid at Karelia UAS. It is possible to receive study credits for your existing skills.

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Campuses at the Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Karelia University of Applied Sciences has two campuses within walking distance of each other.

Social and Healthcare fields, as well as Media Studies, are held at the Tikkarinne campus. Student Services, library Pisara, and student health care services are at the Tikkarinne campus.

Wärtsilä Campus hosts business, tourism, and engineering students. It also provides an innovative and international atmosphere.

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Karelia University of Applied Sciences campus
Karelia University of Applied Sciences – Wärtsilä campus

Student life at Karelia UAS

There are many benefits to being a Karelia University of Applied Sciences student. At the beginning of your studies, you will receive a student card. It is a valuable tool that grants student discounts on meals, museums, local shops, transportation, and more.

The student union at Karelia University is called POKA. The organization looks after the students’ interests and organizes various student events. Such gatherings are low-effort ways to spend free time and are a great way to meet new people. POKA plans activities like sports, trips, group meetings for students with kids, and even online baking.

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Karelia University of Applied Sciences
Student life is fun at Karelia University of Applied Sciences!

In addition, there are plenty of sports activities available for students of Karelia UAS. Sykettä Susirajalla combines all student sporting services in Joensuu; there is golf, kickboxing, curling, etnobick as well as martial arts, petanque, and country cross skiing. You can even play floorball or football in a national-level league.

Find Sykettä Susirajalla here.

Karelia University of Applied Sciences
Karelia University of Applied Sciences is located in the beautiful region of Joensuu
Karelia University of Applied Sciences
Karelia University of Applied Sciences has stunning sunsets everyone will adore

Joensuu is a vibrant and secure city

Joensuu is an excellent city for international students who want to live in a vibrant and secure place. It is in North Karelia, the easternmost province in Finland. It is a lively student city and the region’s capital. Because of the high number of learners, the leisure time services and the vibrant culture in the city guarantee an exciting experience.

Additionally, there are a variety of sports clubs and sports facilities. There are also cultural things to do, like concerts, art shows, movies, and dance shows. As forests cover about 70% of North Karelia, many activities are available. Joensuu offers the best of both worlds: exciting city life and the relaxing atmosphere of Finnish nature.

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Karelia University of Applied Sciences leisure
Students of Karelia University of Applied Sciences will love North Karelia’s stunning environment!

Joensuu highlights

Ilosaarirock Festival

Ilosaarirock is what has made Joensuu famous all around Finland. It is held in July every year. The music festival is Finland’s second oldest rock festival and one of its largest.

Karelia University of Applied Sciences
International students of Karelia University of Applied Science will enjoy Ilosaarirock Festival in Joensuu!

River Pielinen

River Pielinen flows through the city. The river is open all year round and hosts various activities. There are restaurants and restaurant boats alongside the river where you can certainly enjoy dining with a view. The riverside can be paddled, rollerbladed, or cycled. Additionally, there are walking and cycling routes alongside.

Ilosaari, or “happy island,” is a lagoon the locals love. People enjoy the area by having picnics, swimming at the beaches, or relaxing in the park.

Karelia University of Applied Sciences
River Pielinen, Joensuu

Sports and Nature in Joensuu

Joensuu is generally known for its sports and various outdoor activities. Popular hiking trails such as Pamilonkoski Nature Trail, Kaltimo Trail, Noljakka Nature Trail, and Utra Islands take you to the deep forests and breathtaking landscapes.

In addition, you will surely enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna and ice swimming at the Joensuu Polar Bears Swimming Center. Finns enjoy swimming in the clear and clean lakes. You can also try standup paddle boarding in the area.

Additionally, Joensuu offers excellent beaches such as Ilosaari, Honkaniemi, and Linnunlahti. You can take a dip anytime while on study breaks.

Karelia University of Applied Sciences winter sports
Winter sports in Karelia

Karelian Cuisine

The Karelian culture generally influences the food culture in Joensuu. A great example is the famous Karelian pies. It is savory and will undoubtedly be your new favorite.

You can find the most authentic Karelian pies at Cafe Marttakahvio. Some services take you to picnics in the beautiful destinations of the Joensuu area. Here you can undoubtedly enjoy Karelian cuisine while being surrounded by breathtaking nature.

Fish and Karelian pie


The North Karelian Museum Hilma will certainly introduce you to Joensuu. It has exciting artifacts that will teach the area’s history.

On the other hand, the Joensuu Art Museum Onni and Art Center Ahjo specifically offer visual arts. Both museums have exhibitions equally created by local and international artists.

Finally, there are also theaters, classical music concerts, and other music festivals. You can find more leisure activities in Joensuu here.

International students of Karelia University of Applied Sciences will appreciate the region’s rich history

In a nutshell

Karelia University of Applied Sciences is surely a top choice for international students. Aside from the best education it provides, this learning institution is in a stunning area where modern facilities, nature, and fun activities are available.

Let us help you in your first step to studying in Finland. Book free counseling now, and we will help you learn higher education in the happiest country in the world!

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