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HAMK: applications are still open!

Do you want to study in Finland? The application time for Häme University of Applied Sciences is open until 14th of November.Don’t miss your chance to apply now to start your studies in August 2022!

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HAMK offers 8 Bachelor’s and two Master’s Degree Programs in English, in the fields of engineering, business, IT, design and agriculture. With a wide range of opportunities to specialize within their chosen fields, students can truly make the most out of their own strengths and future aspirations.

HAMK Forssa Campus

Bachelor´s Degree Programmes at HAMK

Engineering: 240 Credits, 4 year

• Construction Engineering

• Electrical and Automation Engineering

• Information and Communication Technology, Bioeconomy

• Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology

Business: 210 Credits, 3,5 year

• International Business

• Computer Applications

Design: 240 Credits, 4 year

• Smart and Sustainable Design

Agriculture: 240 Credits, 4 year

• Smart Organic Farming


HAMK is a competitive, modern university with internationally recognized teaching quality with 7 campuses located in and around the picturesque lakeside town of Hämeenlinna in southern Finland with fantastic transport links to the rest of the country. All HAMK campuses are equipped with the latest technology to ensure the students reach their full potential and enjoy their time at the university.

All studies at HAMK combine theory, practice and work life connections. During the studies, students complete project for companies and get to practice their skills as they would do when they are employed.

Studies at HAMK emphasize individual approach and student centeredness. The environment at HAMK is multicultural and international. Students come from over 60 different countries. HAMK provides global class environments where students gain cultural perspectives and develop international networks, which are valued by employers world wide.

What are you waiting for! Get to know HAMK’s selection of courses here:

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HAMK students

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