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Hanken School of Economics Alumna: Finland was an Important Part of my Youth

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I am sure you remember Nguyen Le, the Vietnamese alumna fromSatakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK)andHanken School of Economic. In my last article, Nguyen already shared with us her amazing stories at SAMK. This time, let’s hear more about her experience at Hanken.

Hi again Nguyen! How was your time at Hanken different from when you were at SAMK?

I did my Bachelor’s at SAMK so my classmates were often around my age. At Hanken, it was a Master’s degree that I was doing, so I met classmates from different ages and backgrounds, some were even working full-time.

Helsinki is a big city, so of course, busier and more vibrant than Pori. But Pori has a nice coast that is undefeatable!

As Hanken is a university, unlike SAMK – a university of applied sciences, so the study method was a bit different. I got to do more in-depth academic research and as it was a Master’s, the studies were more advanced. After graduating with a Master’s degree, students can choose to work professionally or apply for Doctoral research.

Did you enjoy your time at Hanken?

Because of its Swedish origin, I found Hanken very unique and was proud of it. I received endless support from my supervisors and the staff at Hanken. I also learned a lot from my classmates.

Hanken usually holds very big career fairs where students can attend and find information for their job-seeking process.

Nguyen Le Vietnamese student
Nguyen doing her group presentation with other international students

How was your journey after graduating from Hanken?

I got a job as a data analyst at Unilever Vietnam which I’m enjoying very much. I’m also working as a part-time Math teacher that helps students revise for Finnish universities’ entrance exams.

international students
Nguyen enjoying her time with friends from all around the world

Lastly, how would you describe your 7 years in Finland?

7+ years in Finland has taught me a lot, it allowed me to explore new things, new places. I spent half a year as an exchange student in the Netherlands, I went to Malaysia for my compulsory internship, I traveled a lot around Europe.

Vietnamese students
Nguyen during her exchange in the Netherlands with other Vietnamese students

Finland was an important part of my youth and I have no regrets.

Nguyen traveled to nearby European countries such as the Netherlands and enjoys the opportunities Finland offers to international students.

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  • Written by Sophie Nguyen, Previous Intern and Coordinator at Edunation.
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