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Hong Kongese Student in Finland: Happy Moments, Excellent and Relaxing Lifestyle

Many students prefer to study in a more popular countries such as the U.K. Canada and the U.S. However, it is not always the case. Eileen, a young lovely student from Hong Kong chose Finland as it is famous for their world-class education system and relaxing lifestyle. Eileen has chosen to and had the amazing opportunity to be an exchange student in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Finland rather than other countries. Let’s see how she thinks about Finland and her study abroad journey in Europe!

Unique experiences and very safe country

Unlike other friends and family members, Eileen has decided to study for a semester in Finland. “I don’t want to be the same as the others. Finland is a unique country where not many people have explored, Eileen explained. Finland is another paradise on earth.” She said she was ‘lucky’ that not many people in her college has given a unique opportunity to study in Finland. Otherwise, there are more competitions and she would lose her chance to study and enjoy her life here.

Winter season, sunrise

“Although Finland is as multi-cultural as other countries, I still want to come back after my exchange studies,” told Eileen. She said it is safe to live here. “Even though the weather is challenging at time and some seasons are but full of darkness, it is still safe to go outside at night, and the seasons are all magnificent!” expressed Eileen.

More than happy and relaxing Finnish lifestyle

“By comparing with Hong Kong, of course I love the lifestyle in Finland more. It is much happier and more relaxing to study and live.” said Eileen. She honestly explained that she had pressures while studying in Hong Kong because she has to worry and compete about the grades and her future after graduation. However, the study environment is more flexible in Finland. Eileen emphasized that her flexible schedule allows her to travel quite often. Meanwhile, she can also get good grades and still enjoys a high quality of life.

The teachers and classmates are also helpful because they are willing to help and answer your questions no matter who you are. There is no discrimination here, everyone is willing to listen to your opinions during lessons. The equality and freedom is remarkable.

People on the streets and the school staffs are quite ‘slow’. It means in a positive way (more relaxed) and that Finnish people work in their own style and phase. There seems no pressure, hurries or worries during working hours because they want to make sure they can complete it but with flexibility and quality. “I can’t see people run on the streets often unlike Hong Kong. It exceeded my expectations.” told Eileen.

Life in Finland is so relaxing, Finns are always connected to nature. The culture and quality of life is excellent.

Low cost of living

Before Eileen came to Finland, she already notified that the cost of living is lower in Finland. “The vegetables and meat in the supermarket are even cheaper than Hong Kong,” said Eileen. And she does not always eat outside as she understands it is much more expensive if she does so. The rental apartment for students also has a reasonable price that she can also afford. She does not need to worry about money during her exchange studies in Finland.

Blue sky and mid-rise buildings

Eileen enjoys her exchange studies in Finland and highly recommends the country to travelers and international students who can cherish their opportunities while they are still studying or starting to plan to study abroad.

Text/Photos: Clara (IG: finlilyland)

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Table of Contents