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Healthcare System in Finland: Premier services you can enjoy soon!

Everyone deserves the best nurturing from their home country, and the healthcare system in Finland does that.

The Finnish healthcare system is generally admired globally for its highly effective and fair treatment of its citizens. It is affordable, given to all, and ultimately accessible. 

If you plan to study and live in the country, let us discuss the healthcare system in Finland. We will also answer frequently asked questions to help you further.

Brief introduction about Finland

  • Capital: Helsinki
  • The population as of 2022: 5,559,198
  • Type of government: Parliamentary Republic
  • Currency: Euro
  • Funding for wellbeing services for 2022: 64.9 billion EUR 
  • Popular programs to study for international students: Nursing, Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Education, and more.  

Introducing the healthcare system in Finland

The Finnish healthcare system is one of the best globally and was established on public healthcare services that all citizens enjoy. Based on the Finnish constitution, the state guarantees sufficient social, health, and medical care.

Moreover, citizens can access private healthcare procedures in the country, offering specialized services. 

Public Healthcare System in Finland

The country’s universal healthcare system is courtesy of taxes and social security payments. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is generally responsible for making rules and executing the nation’s path in various policies, promoting good health and preventing diseases. 

Moreover, wellbeing counties like the City of Helsinki and HUS Group handle healthcare provision. Each county is part of one of the five communal areas and has one university hospital. The counties collaborating in the same area share tasks and other essential duties to maintain the effectiveness of the healthcare system in Finland. 

Types of public healthcare services

Primary healthcare – conducted at health and social services centers

Specialized healthcare – services are provided at hospitals and private clinics

Depending on how much medical care a person needs, they will receive treatment in primary healthcare or a specialized medical facility after a doctor’s assessment.

Moreover, patients don’t get to choose from primary or specialized healthcare, but they can pick which health center and doctor to handle their health concerns.

Rare and challenging illnesses and specialized procedures are checked in one medical unit or hospital. For example, children needing organ transplants, those with heart diseases, etc., will go to the Helsinki University Central Hospital.

Municipality health centers in Finland

Family doctors provide primary care to residents under the public healthcare system. Moving to the county as a resident registers you with a health center near your Finnish address. The privilege gives you access to the excellent healthcare system in Finland, which includes health counseling, preventive and dental care, and more.

In addition, Finnish companies must pay for their employee’s occupational health care available from public health centers and private practitioners. 

healthcare in Finland

Private healthcare services

Since the public healthcare system in Finland is exceptional, the private healthcare system is moderately small.

The private sector in the nation consists of dental, primary, and specialist care.

Over a quarter of social and health care in the country comes from private healthcare providers. Companies, foundations, organizations, and solo practitioners can offer essential health and medical care directly to clients and municipalities.

Furthermore, the country’s medical services are partly subsidized using public funds through reimbursement from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Kela. 

FAQs about the healthcare system in Finland

What is the quality of healthcare in Finland?

The healthcare system in Finland is generally high. You can expect well-trained medical professionals ready to assist with various concerns.

Furthermore, medical facilities offer the latest technologies and treatments to address their residents’ basic to challenging health concerns.

Can international students receive healthcare in Finland?

International students from countries other than the EU/EEA, Switzerland, Great Britain, and Northern Ireland must get international student insurance before applying for a residence permit in Finland. 

If you plan to study in the country for two years, you will receive a municipality of residence that provides coverage from municipal health services.

Furthermore, your international student insurance will generally cover medical expenses.

What is a Kela Card?

The healthcare system in Finland provides Kela cards to its citizens as proof of eligibility for National Health Insurance and social security. It also provides reimbursements for buying medicine, travel costs related to medical procedures, and fees for services done at private healthcare.

To learn more about the services provided by Kela, click HERE.

What are the types of reimbursements for medical expenses through Kela?

One of the best features of the healthcare system in Finland is the reimbursement for medicines.

The refund is determined by the category to which the medicine you purchase belongs. At present, it has three types:

  • Basic rate of repayment 40%
  • Lower special rate of reimbursement 65%
  • Higher special rate of rebate 100%

How often can I purchase medicine and receive refunds?

You can only get a refund after using almost all of the last batch of medicine, emollient cream, or clinical nutrients.

Moreover, you can get reimbursement for a new supply:

  • Three weeks before the last batch runs out, given that the previous set has enough supply for three months
  • If the last batch has enough medicine for two months, the new set will be ready two weeks before the previous medication runs out
  • One week before the last batch of medicine will run out, given that the previous set will last for one month or less.
healthcare system in Finland

In a nutshell

The healthcare system in Finland is one of the great reasons to live in the country. Aside from being well-funded, it offers a wide range of medical services. Moreover, citizens are guaranteed the utmost assistance during challenging health concerns that can affect them financially.

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