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Hong Kongese Student in Finland: English is Widely Spoken Here

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Three years ago, Stephanie from Hong Kong has made her decision to study an exchange program at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Finland. She heard that Finland is famous of their education system. It was her happiest and best decision so far. The country offered her a lot of opportunities then. She really misses the days in Finland with friends and happy life and she even wants to go back. For Stephanie, Finland is perfect because:

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A unique study abroad destination

Finland is a destination where foreign students choose because of its world-class education. But sometimes, Stephanie was not that adjusted to the country’s weather. “I am afraid of darkness and coldness of course but I don’t want to lose my chance. As I know after graduation, there are so much opportunities and I’m sure it’s nice to experience the Finnish student life.” explained Stephanie.

Stephanie also admitted that it is easier for her to travel in nearby countries such as Iceland and Norway. “After my graduation, I would prefer only traveling in nearby European countries instead because it is more convenient. It’s a bit difficult to have holidays during work.” expressed Stephanie. She would like to experience the life in Finland so she chose to do her study exchange here.

People just try their best to complete their tasks but not rushing up.

English is widely spoken in Finland!

As Stephanie applied for the exchange program through her home university, she has not taken any IELTS or other English tests. However, her English is good enough to communicate when she was living in Finland. “Almost all Finns can speak fluent English and their accent is easy to understand. Thus, I don’t need to worry about anything,” told Stephanie. When she went to the supermarkets, banks or convenient stores, everyone was able to speak English. If they cannot understand, use body language.

Even though Finns’ mother language is Finnish, universities can provide fluent English services. The transcripts, certificates and other official documents are all in English. You do not need any extra translation services.

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Reasonable and easy-going living environment

“I like the slow living rhythm in Finland because I don’t need to hurry up all the time. No pressure.” expressed Stephanie. She remembers once she went to the bank and the staff just asked her to come back tomorrow. That time, she wondered but after a moment, she has figured out the reason which is they do not want to ruin anything in such a short period of time. They want to complete it as well as they can, they’re kind and efficient. Stephanie likes this culture and attitude of Finns, people care about the others’ feelings and situations.

Stephanie also mentioned she feels very comfortable when she walks around on the streets as there are plenty of spaces unlike Hong Kong. People just try their best to complete their tasks but not rushing up. She really appreciates it.

Living in Finland is a good experience for Stephanie and she definitely wants to go back as the lifestyle in Hong Kong is really harsh. She needs time to take a ‘real’ rest.

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