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Hong Kongese Student in Finland: Why I’m Staying After Graduation

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After spending two years living in Helsinki, I am planning to stay here and I’m planning to find a job that suits me. Before coming to Finland, I have been thinking of staying here already, it was tempting because Finland is a remarkably diverse country and has many beautiful things to offer, both for individuals or families! The country is one of the Scandinavian countries that has plenty to offer in terms of starting a new life. Let me tell you why I would like to stay here after my studies!

Good subsidy and welfare system

I understand that the tax is high by comparing it with Hong Kong. But in Finland, I know the purpose of paying my taxes, which is mainly for education and medical services. The KELA system which is the welfare system contains not only the above benefits but also students’ subsidy, childcare, children subsidy and unemployment benefits. This system can just make society more equal and livable.

Good weather in Finland

Good electronic system

The above KELA system is the services and benefits for the citizens and also for the people who have a working residence permit. When you have your social security number and identity card, your personal information will be connected and have your status updated. Conveniently, you don’t need to apply for the services with copies of your documents every time you need it. The system saves a lot of time to register because it has all your information. For instance, even though I am a student here, I can use the online identification services during online shopping after I have received my Finnish identity card. Very efficient!

Perfect weather in summer in Finland

A relaxed workplace culture

‘Relaxing’ here does not mean negatively. People also need to work here but the workload is reasonable. Employees can work at home sometimes or in the office, work is very flexible. There is no pressure. The supervisor and colleagues trust your ability so they don’t challenge you. The work culture helps you thrive and does not have great competition between each other, or your colleagues.

Continue to brave uncertainty

As a HK national, I am familiar with many things in Hong Kong already. Before I start my career, I want to leave my comfort zone and experience things that cannot be experienced in Hong Kong. I think I like to unconventionally challenge myself. That’s why I chose Finland. I’m really happy here. In Hong Kong, I felt I don’t want to stay in one place for so long. I needed some change of perspective, one cannot gain or experience in my home country. Finland provides a wide avenue of opportunities be it personal, nature or work.

Clara enjoys the nature in Finland

People trust each other

As the people in Finland trust each other, it is very safe to live here. Based on my experiences in Finland for two years, people are so kind and honest! I have never encountered any discrimination or negative behaviors with Finns. It really feels home, I feel like I also belong to Finland. I consider this remarkable country as my second home.

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