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How to apply to study in Finland: The application form

Applying for university isn’t always easy. Application processes can get confusing very quickly. What’s more, how do you apply for university in another country? But don’t worry, applying to study in Finland is quick and easy with Edunation!

With our 5 step application, you can fill out the application to study in Finland with relative ease. So, let’s go through each step one by one.

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Starting the application process

So, you know that Finland has the best education in the world and is the happiest country in the world. You know you want to study in Finland and you know exactly what program you will be applying for in Finland. You had your free counselling session and you did your research, and you are ready to apply. What happens now?

First things first, you should familiarise yourself with the admission requirements for your selected program in Finland. Different programs may require different documents, so make sure to check out the university page for the specific criteria. No matter what program you will be applying for, you will need:

  • Your high school diploma (applying for bachelor’s studies) or your bachelor’s degree certificate (applying for master’s studies)
  • Your transcript of records
  • A copy of your passport ID page

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, scan them into PDF form and have them at the ready! You can now move on to filling out the application form!

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filling out the application form

Once you have the application open, you will need to identify what intake, university, and program you are applying for. If you are applying for Pathway to Finland, you will start by selecting your study track, study method, study duration, starting period, and pathway progression university.

Step 1: Personal information

You will start out filling in the form by providing some basic information about yourself like:

  • your name
  • nationality
  • date of birth

Then, you will need to provide some basic contact information like your email, phone number, and home address. Check to make sure all the information is correct, and you are done with step one!

Step 2: Education background

This step is all about your past education. If you are applying for a bachelor’s program or Pathway to Finland, you will need to provide information about your high school education. If you are applying for a master’s program, you will instead provide information about your past higher education, like a bachelor’s degree. You can always check the text below the boxes to see what information you need to include!

Step 3: information for edunation

In this step, you will be asked a few yes-or-no questions. All you need to do is read each question and answer as truthfully as possible!

Step 4: Required attachments

Step 4 is where your prepared documents come in! In this part of the application form, attach first the required documents that are needed for every program: high school/higher education diploma, transcript of records, and a copy of your passport. Then, you should attach any other documents needed depending on the program you are applying for.

Remember these will vary between programs, so it’s good to have these ready before starting the application! Also, make sure to attach all required documents, so that we are able to process your application without delay!

Step 5: FINALISING your application

In this final stage, you will be paying the service fee. The amount you pay will depend on what you are applying for, but you will find the details within the application. Note that you must pay the service fee in order for your application to be processed! You can pay using the following methods:

  • Bank transfer or Wise
  • PayPal
  • Credit card

Once you have done this, read the terms and conditions and privacy policy. Sign your name and decide if you want the latest news and updates from Education, and that is the application form complete!

Before you submit, make sure that all the information you provided is correct! If you have any questions regarding the application, you can send an email to! Also, watch the video below for a step-by-step visual guide to filling out the application!

Table of Contents