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How to Choose the Right University

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Picking the right university is a massive task for any student. You will commit your time and money for the next couple of years, so you want to consider everything before you decide. To select a suitable university, you should carefully narrow the selection using the criteria below.

1. Pick your desired program

This is the most important factor we should talk about first. Why? Because if you do your research well and decide on the degree program, you are keen on studying and are passionate about, you don’t have to change your program later. I have seen students change their study plans after only a year of school. Since they hadn’t thought about the different programs before, it was hard for them to follow the lectures, and they soon lost interest.

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Another thing to consider is the job market. Of course, you should follow your heart and choose the program you are passionate about. However, checking the work opportunities in your chosen field is never a bad idea. Find the answer to these questions: is there a huge demand for graduates in your area, and in which cities or countries is the most significant demand?

2. Determine where you’d like to study

You might already have thought about places where you would like to move and study. The site could be in your own country or maybe on the other side of the world. Don’t only look at homes that are close to you or feel familiar. Moving to a country you have no prior knowledge of can be the best decision of your life. Remember also to consider the work opportunities in different countries.

Moreover, people prefer different kinds of cities. Some people want to study and live in a capital city with many interesting sights to explore and people to meet. On the other hand, choosing to live in a big city means that the living costs are also higher, and renting an apartment is expensive. Also, big cities are noisier and lack natural space. Smaller towns might not have as much action, but they are more peaceful, and your living expenses will decrease. Therefore, please consider your living location wisely for your future study path.

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3. Research for the most affordable degree

The price of the program also plays a role when you are making your decision. Indeed, studying abroad might cost you a lot of money, so you should list and calculate the overall price of the chosen degree program. Then compare it with other degree programs and their scholarship offers. Eventually, you will find out which degree program has the most competitive tuition fee and the best scholarship program. Thoughtful research about a suitable and affordable program will save you a pretty penny in the long run!

4. Get advice from other international students

Besides comparing the price of the study programs and whether the university matches your wishes, you can also read the stories of students who have studied at the university. in the degree program, you are considering. Also, they can give you tips and advice on how to deal with problems that might come up when you live abroad, like homesickness and culture shock.

If you would like to find out more about studying in Finland, head to our blog and read the stories of students who study in Finland!

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