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Accommodation in Finland and other essential services for a smooth entry into the country in 2024

After getting accepted into a university, your next move is to get accommodation in Finland.

Finding a perfect home away from home may be challenging, so we made an ultimate guide on everything you need about student accommodation in Finland. 

Furthermore, we will introduce innovative and exciting services guaranteed to make your arrival and student life in Finland smooth and genuinely life-changing!

Types of Student Accommodation in Finland

There are many options for student housing in Finland. You may choose from the following: 

1. Shared apartment

A shared apartment is one of the most preferred student accommodations in Finland due to affordable prices. Two to five tenants have their bedrooms but use a shared kitchen, living room, and bathroom. 

2. Studio apartment

Getting a studio apartment is a good option if you are uncomfortable with many people around. Though smaller than shared student accommodation in Finland, you only have the place for yourself or share it with one housemate. 

3. Family apartment

As the name suggests, families will appreciate this accommodation in Finland. Generally, it has two to three rooms with a kitchen and is meant for couples with children.  

How to find student accommodation in Finland

Once you have decided what type of lodging you need, there are two ways to get student accommodation in Finland. You can browse the Finnish Student Housing Ltd website or, scan listings (e.g.,, or check out the student housing association by googling “student housing” + your new hometown. Then, you can find options like HOAS, TOAS, and KOAS

Tips for finding student accommodation in Finland

To make sure you get your preferred student accommodation in Finland, follow the steps below:

Apply on time!

It is essential to be early in booking student housing. The applications are on a first-come, first-served basis. Most people will apply for these apartments near the beginning of the academic year.

Furthermore, student housing foundations offer support and guidance when seeking student accommodation. For example, in the capital city of Helsinki, the foundation HOAS provides an online booking form on its website.

Additionally, you can check out all available student housing in Finland on our Accommodation page.

Prepare your documents

You must fill out details about your studies in the form, such as the degree program and when you are expected to graduate.

In addition, you will also need to attach certain documents to the application. These usually include an acceptance letter from the university and proof of monthly income.  

Student housing requires you to pay a deposit before getting the apartment.

Furthermore, the Student Housing Foundation will place the applications on a waiting list.

Accommodation in Finland
Student houses; walk or ride your bike to campus!

Be included on the waiting list 

When you have booked your room or apartment, staying in the queue for this waiting list is essential. There are a limited number of rooms and apartments. In this way, you are more likely to find accommodation where you want in the city. In the application form, selecting which specific place in the city you would most like to live in is possible.

Accommodation in Finland, kitchen table
Book a lovely student apartment with the online booking form!

Edunation – Your trusted partner for a life-changing experience in Finland!

Aside from providing suggestions for student accommodation in Finland, we offer other vital assistance to make your journey memorable, exciting, and truly rewarding!

Pathway to Finland – Guaranteed admission to your dream Finnish University

Getting accepted into a Finnish university is essential before renting your preferred student accommodation in Finland. That is why we created Pathway to Finland, a specialized program designed to equip international students with the skills and knowledge for higher education admission. Whether you are planning to enroll in a vocational, bachelor’s, or master’s degree, Pathway to Finland can help! Enroll now and enjoy a successful entry into the top universities in the country!

Next, we offer the Arrival Finland Package

Arrival Finland is a customized supplementary service and package, including post-school acceptance and pre- and post-arrival assistance upon reaching Finland! It includes:

  • Professional assistance in getting a resident permit application for you and your family
  • Reliable transportation service to your accommodation upon reaching Finland
  • Efficient guidance, tour, and orientation about your preferred location
  • Student accommodation in Finland pickup, if needed
  • Professional answers to all your queries within 24 hours

For a smooth arrival in the country, get this in-demand service today! 

We also have the best Finnish language courses to prepare for your life and studies in the nation!

Finnish language courses by Edunation offers:

  • Interactive and satisfying online courses that you can access anywhere in the world
  • Advanced and highly efficient teaching methods to master the Finnish language
  • Professionally qualified instructors who will guide you throughout the course
  • Customized courses from beginner to advanced will help you live and study in Finland productively.

Reserve a slot today to learn this special language!

Finally, besides getting compelling suggestions for student accommodation in Finland and other special packages and courses, we also offer online English language classes to help you become globally employable! 

Meet our newest product, English Express!

English Express was created to upgrade your proficiency in the universal language from intermediate to advanced (5.0 – 5.5 IELTS to 6.0 – 7.0 IELTS). 

Like our Finnish language courses, it offers online flexibility, advanced teaching methods, highly qualified teachers, and personalized classes to assist your learning needs. 

More importantly, you will learn to use relevant and grammatically correct words during conversations outside your student accommodation in Finland, understand relayed information, construct proper sentences, and more! 

Sign up now to master the universal language!

We will continue to release more stimulating and highly in-demand products to make your transition from an international student to possibly a permanent resident seamless and truly rewarding! 

Summing it up – Student accommodation in Finland

Finding student accommodation in Finland is crucial as you must consider many things to make life more comfortable in your new home. 

Edunation has helped many students have a memorable experience in the happiest nation in the world through the mentioned services. Upon arrival, you will get many privileges that will undoubtedly benefit your professional and personal growth. 

Schedule a free counseling session today, and let us guide your life-changing journey in Finland. Our highly competent team will assist you with every concern.

Additionally, regularly visit our Blog Section to learn more about living and studying in Finland. From cost of living to monthly salary and more, we will continue to provide valuable content and updates that will certainly introduce one of Europe’s premier regions. 

To read the exciting and inspiring experiences of our students worldwide, head over to our Student Stories


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