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How to Find Accommodation in Finland

Do you want to know more about accommodation in Finland, located near universities? We will show you how to do it!

Student accommodation in Finland

In Finland, you will find housing specifically for students! Often, you will be looking at shared apartments. However, you can also find studio apartments, as well as two-room apartments. Instead of living on campus, students can rent these apartments that are located throughout the city.

Basically, university cities in Finland will have many locations where students can find affordable rooms. Nevertheless, these places are usually located close to the university campus, with excellent public transportation! These single rooms in a shared apartment have a usual price range of around 200-400 EUR.

Accommodation in Finland
Student houses; walk or ride your bike to campus!


It is very important to be early in booking the student housing. The applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Most people will apply for these apartments near the beginning of the academic year.

Student housing foundations offer support and guidance when looking for student accommodation. For example, in the capital city Helsinki, the foundation HOAS provides an online booking form on their website.

You can check out all the available accommodation for students on our Accommodation page!

Accommodation in Finland, kitchen table
Book a nice student apartment, with the online booking form!


You will need to fill out details about your studies in the form, such as the degree program and when you are expected to graduate. You will need to have certain documents with you to attach to the application. These usually include acceptance letter from the university and proof of monthly income. Student housing requires you to pay a deposit before getting the apartment.

Furthermore, the student housing foundation will place the applications in a waiting list.


When you have booked your room or apartment, it is very important to stay in the queue for this waiting list. There are a limited number of rooms and apartments. In this way, you are more likely to find accommodation where you want in the city. In the application form, it is even possible to select which specific place in the city you would most like to live in!


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