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How to Prepare for Finnish Autumn and Winter

Finland autumn is so beautiful and romantic, but in a short time, the weather will change into winter. It is also the time when people are coming back from holidays to work and study. Especially before starting an academic year of studying in September, all international students should arrive here soon, so they can adapt quickly with the new season and environment. Being well-prepared beforehand for autumn and winter seasons is totally necessary as this improves students’ well-being and helps keep their focus on studying and enjoying life in Finland.

In the autumn …

Autumn Clothing

Firstly, having a nice scarf and a light windbreaker jacket will be the best cozy combo in the windy days of autumn.


with …

he wears a light windbreaker jacket
Windbreaker jacket

Weather Forecast App

Check that you have a weather forecast app on your phone before going out as Finland weather is unpredictable. There are many weather forecast apps on the internet and all of them are free. For example, you can easily download and use FMI (Finnish Meteorological Institute) Weather app from both Google Play and Appstore platforms. This app can predict up to 10 day forecasts for over 17,000 locations in Finland and for hundreds of thousands destinations abroad; and other special features with no advertisements.

she looks on the screenphone

In the winter …

Winter Clothing

One of the most vital things you’ll need to cope with in the long, cold and snowy winter here is owning a heavy-duty winter coat or parka, dressing along with a warm wool scarf andlayers of clothing (warm pants, hoodies, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, etc.) and accessories (wool hat, warm socks , gloves, etc.)

a red parka

To deal with the thick, slippery and heavy snow here in Finland, you should have another must-item which is a pair ofwinter boots. Furthermore, it’s important to keep in mind a few things when choosing good winter boots. This is they should be of well-made materials, lightweight feature, flexible on feet, thick fabrics to keep your feet warm and especially waterproof in the rainy/snowy environment. All clothes are found and easily bought from any supermarkets or student second-hand stores in Finland, with the reasonable price, high quality and fashion.

a pair of winter boots

Vitamin Supplementary

Finnish summers are longer with many lighted nights. However, winter days in Finland are quite dark, with shorter days and fewer hours of daylight. Therefore, taking a moderate amount of Vitamin D and other essential vitamin supplements and minerals are needed.

a mount of supplementary pills

Vitamin supplements are available at any Finland’s supermarkets or in pharmacy stores – apteekki in Finnish.

pharmacy or apteekki

Natural Vitamins

Of course, you can also add the vitamin intake by natural way, such as walking outside on sunny days, or consuming more food that contains vitamins, such as fruits and vegetables.

Walking Outside
a girl walked in the sun
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Hot Drinkings


To stay warm and hydrated in the cold and dry winter, the healthiest hot drink before going out is sipping a hot mug of tea. Ideal tea flavors could be peppermint, cinnamon or ginger or whatever tea flavors you like.

a hot mug of tea

Another hot drink for your winter days could be a cup of hot coffee.

a cup of hot coffee with biscuit
Cocoa Chocolate

Hot chocolate with topping marshmallows!

a hot cocoa chocolate with topping mashmallows
Finnish Glögi

In the seasonal winter, especially near Christmas holiday, glögi or mulled wine, which is a very popular winter beverage, is sold in any Finnish supermarkets/ grocery stores. This drink will warm up your body with a flavor of sweeter, fruitier and a bit spicier.

hot glogi or mulled wine

Thermal Water Bottle

thermal water bottle

Going out with a thermal water bottle is a good idea wherever you are, keeping your liquids warm or even prevent them from freezing on your winteradventures.


“To feel safe and warm on a cold wet night, all you really need is soup.” — Laurie Colwin
tomatoe soup

Check out some recipes of Finnish soups at our food blog-post and let’s cook them for those cold winter days!

Safety Reflectors

a reflector

One more important thing you should take into consideration is you will be going to school in the morning in winter darkness. Thus, your safety on road is really a matter to think about. Putting reflectors on your backpack, wrists and ankles helps drivers and cyclists seeyou in the dark from as far as 600 meters. The more reflectors you wear, the better you are seen by car drivers. There are many types of reflectors which can be bought from any supermarkets in Finland. And pretty much everyone wears them in winter!

Home Heating System

heating system

What’s more, ensuring that your house/apartment’s heating system is turned on and worked perfectly. If not, call the student housing company right away.

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