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India to Finland: How to apply to Finnish universities!

One of our Edunation coordinators, Tatu, talks about what it is like to apply to Finnish universities!

University in Finland

Applying to study in a new country is an exciting opportunity. However, it can also be a bit of a challenge! In Finland and Europe, our partner universities have various admission requirements. These requirements can be quite different, and applicants may sometimes become confused during the process of applying to these universities.

My name is Tatu and I am a coordinator here at Edunation! I am currently studying Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business in my third year at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK). I will tell you more about what it was like to apply to a university here in Finland!

Applying to different universities

I studied and completed my International Baccalaureate high school program while I lived in Pune, India. After this, I moved back to Finland and aimed to begin my university studies here!

My journey of applying to Finland began after I completed high school and received the certificate of secondary education in the summer of 2016. Then, I began the process of filling in applications to different universities located here in Finland.

When looking for universities in Finland, I wanted to find a business program that was taught in English. Then, I read more about what each university offers. For example, many of the universities have specialization modules, where you can pick the field of study that is most interesting. In business programs, you can find various specializations like Marketing, Finance, or Human Resource Management.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business is found at many universities of applied sciences in Finland. This was a really interesting choice that I found when looking for programs, as it is an English language business program, where you can find an international environment and many career opportunities.

Lobby at TAMK, in Finland
Tampere University of Applied Sciences


Next, I waited for the time to apply. I prepared my applications for the application period, which usually opens around December and January. I listed International Business programs that were offered at universities of applied sciences.

Many of the universities ask the student to provide documents like a certificate of secondary education, a transcript of records, and a personal ID/passport. I made sure to gather these documents early before the application period began!

Finally, I was invited to the entrance exam for International Business in the spring of 2017. Soon after, I received an email confirming my study place!

Finland, Snow, Field, Cold, Cabin, Trees, Winter
Get to know more about living and studying in Finland!

Apply now!

Overall, applying to Finnish universities meant that I have to be focused on meeting the admission criteria of the university. I was ready at the beginning of the application period after I got to know the specific details about applying.

Since I am a student who is from Finland, I was able to find useful information easily, and I was already somewhat familiar with how it happens. However, international students wanting to apply to Finnish universities should take the opportunity to seek assistance!

Edunation is here for you! We help to prescreen your application and assist you with admissions to our partner universities in Finland. You can send us any questions you might have about studying in Finland.

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You can also book a free counseling session! We will discuss with you about your study options and help you find the right program and university.

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