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Interview with Bethanee – Nursing student in Metropolia

Bethanee is a nursing student in Metropolia, Helsinki and is sharing her experience of studying and working in Finland.She is a registered nurse in the Philippines and has worked as a nurse in Saudi Arabia. After returning to the Philippines, Bethanee decided to come to Finland to try the other side of the world for work and study opportunities. She arrived in Finland in March of 2021.

“Edunation has been a big help, the arrival package really helped” Bethanee was very happy that someone from Edunation was there to pick her up and to help her settle in Helsinki.

Bethanee was able to get a lot of credits towards her studies in Metropolia thanks to her nursing background in the Philippines. According to her, the standard for the students in Metropolia is high, and the study and exam methods are different from what she was used to in the Philippines but she has conquered the hardships and her studies are progressing very well!She is currently working in a nursing home and will continue working part-time after she starts her studies in September.


Bethanee heard about studying abroad in Finland from a family friend and decided to give it a shot.

“I had never heard of Finland before and didn’t know where it was I knew that it’s a cold country and a nice place to raise a family. I had read that Finns are quiet and like their space, but I have noticed that they are actually quite loud”. Bethanee has enjoyed the Finnish summer and thinks it’s very nice, but short. “You have to go out when there’s still sunlight and sun. I’ve noticed that in the summer there are many people dining outside, the Finns like to expose themselves to the sun!


“You gain the qualifications for being a registered nurse within the EU and it will open many work opportunities.“

How’s the experience of looking for a part time job in Finland?

“I arrived in Finland just before the summer holidays so I wanted to spend my time productively and look for a job right away.” Bethanee was looking for a job suitable for her Finnish level and was working in a kitchen for a while. Edunation helped her in finding a job in her field of study and connected her with an employer. She was accepted and now works in a nursing home as a nurse.

“I was surprised that even as a student I am getting paid more than I was expecting”. Bethanee explains that because of her status as a Nursing student in Metropolia and her study credits, she is receiving a higher salary than she would with a practical nursing background.

‘“Getting a job with Edunation’s help was really fast, it took about two weeks and I started the job on the second day!”

Bethanee wearing her nursing robes

What rating would you give Edunation 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest

“I would give it a 5! Edunation helped me a lot since I arrived in Finland and in finding my job.” Bethanee is also happy that because of the program she is receiving a higher salary.

Your advice to your fellow Filipinos who want to pursue their nursing degree in Finland?

“Don’t be afraid to study again and don’t be afraid to explore new things.” Bethanee was hesitant to study again but it has worked out for her. “Education is expensive but it’s worth it. The benefits for being a nursing student are good, for example the higher salary that you will gain later.”

Bethnaee is now living in Helsinki together with her husband who came with her from the Philippines and she considers herself lucky, since she is able to work and study. She is looking forward to finishing her studies and being able to work full time as a registered nurse.

Bethanee and her husband in Helsinki

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Watch a video about how to become a nurse in Finland here.

Table of Contents